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Monday, June 18, 2018

CMM's Twenty Favoriite Songs of 2018 (So Far)

2018 has already been a phenomenal year for new music. Here's 20 of my favorite songs from this year (So Far)...

1. Joan Of Arc "Real Punk Kid" (Joyful Noise Recordings)

A brilliant song that's as comforting as it is beautiful. Melina Ausikaitis voice is truly unique while founding member Tim Kinsella and the the rest of the band continue to explore new territories throughout the track. Absolutely inspiring.

2. Reveries "Existential Anxiety"

Seattle shoegaze/post rock unit Reveries offer up one of the most promising E.P.'s of 2018 as their self titled debut release is full of huge sounding guitars, underlying pop melodies and relentless drumming. Lead track "Existential Anxiety" is absolutely punishing and breathtaking.

3. Mayflower Madame "Premonition" (

This band never disappoint when it comes to creating dark and eerie music that is very reflective of the settings in their native Norway. "Premonition" continues down that dark path adding in layers of new nuances and curiosities.

4. Black Light White Light "King Kong" (

An excellent blend of shoegaze, 60's psych and 90's alternative rock. Just one of many top notch numbers from their latest album "Horizons".

5. Superchunk "Erasure" (Merge)

I can't get enough of this track. Super catchy, well delivered and sure to have you humming along in no time.

6. Guided By Voices "Space Gun" (GBV Inc)

Another stand out track from the always prolific GBV. "Space Gun" has quickly become one of my favorite GBV records.

7. Cushing "Little Devil" (

An amazing new track from this raging noise rock trio from Portland Maine. Their sound absolutely huge and the level of musicianship is off the charts.

8. Body Head "You Don't Need" (Matador)

Angular, menacing and dirge driven "You Don't Need" is pretty spectacular. Kim Gordan and Bill Nance create a haunted yet colorful dual guitar attack that's enhanced even more by the incredible production work of Justin Pizzoferrato.

9. Spiritualized "I'm Your Man" (Fat Possum)

This track is pretty much perfect. Can't wait to take in the entire new album.

10. I Need A Plastic Face "Debris" (

So happy that this band reached out to me about there amazing music. Possibly the most original band I've come across in years.

11. Today Junior "Skate Punx" (

I've loved listening to all the Today Junior tracks that they have been releasing recently but this one is my favorite. Fun, catchy, uplifting and warm.

12. Whisper Suite "Sun" (

Canadian husband and wife duo Whisper Suite offer up this glowing track that showcases their incredible song writing abilities and rich vocal delivery and I've kept this one on repeat the last few months.

13. Get Up Kids "Maybe" (Polyvinyl)

Get Up Kids are back. Enough said haha

14. Forth Wanderers Nevermine" (Sub Pop)

Been loving on this band for a minute. So into this new record. Delicate, soothing and a little bit grey.

15. Guided By Voices "See My Field" (GBV Inc)

Another brilliant cut from their latest album "Space Gun". Incredible video too.

16. Sick Shit "Wet Lung (

Blistering track off this New Jersey hardcore/punk outfits latest 7" "Thick Spit". The best hardcore band going today in my opinion.

17. Jon Spencer "Trash Can" (In The Red)

Unreal groove, unreal guitars. Just an overall bad ass track from the legendary Jon Spencer's first solo album out soon on In The Red.

18. Twilight Fields "When I Saw You" (

A touching and absolutely stunning track from Canadian recording project Twilight Fields aka Allister Thompson.

19. Deaf Wish "FFS" (Sub Pop)

Another inspiring stand out track from Deaf Wish. I can't get enough of the guitar sounds and the overall menace this band brings.

20. Yo La Tengo "For You Too" (Matador)

Such a comforting piece of music from these long running indie rock legends.

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