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Friday, December 2, 2016

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Anneliese McCarthy "Daydream" E.P. (

New York City Singer/Songwriter Anneliese McCarthy delivers big with this new five song E.P. "Daydream". Her delicate indie folk style is highlighted by brilliant story telling and her dainty vocal stance. Songs like "Daydream" and "Blue/August" are full of spirit and passion while the lulling tones of "Seventeen" are highlighted by rich heartfelt melodies. Still I have to say "Westwood" is my favorite track of the five. It's loving energy and straightforward approach quickly create a vibe that's comforting, warm and sincere. A first-rate release from beginning to end.

Baby Vanga S/T E.P. (

Here's a quick, no frills to the point E.P. from English rock n roll outfit Baby Vanga. "In The Head" is an upbeat jangle pop masterpiece that's backed by a relentless beat and punk attitude. It's uplifting hooks and stellar musicianship will have you singing along in no time. "Waves" keeps things moving along in grand style with an undeniably infectious rhythm highlighted by it's rolling baseline and punchy guitar attack. Looking forward to hearing what's next from this promising new band.

Queen "On Air" 3 X LP (

This incredible triple LP set includes all six of Queen's BBC recording sessions. It really shows off just how amazing this band was as they blast through high energy renditions of classic cuts like "Stone Cold Crazy", "Keep Yourself Alive" and "We Will Rock You" (Fast Version). The levels of musicianship displayed on these recordings is off the charts. Brian May's playing is literally INSANE!!! Freddie is on fire the entire time and further cements himself as the best frontman of all time. John Deacon and Roger Taylor sound like a freight train busting through your speakers. Simply put this is a must have collection for Queen fans as it shows the band bashing things out in pure rock n roll fashion and still retaining their superior sound quality along the way. Truly Amazing

Rivoli "Isolation" E.P. (

Rivolli unleash a crushing blast of sonic intensity on their latest effort "Isolation". The galloping menace of opening track "Through The Night' sets the tone with it's dirge driven groove and gruff fuzzed out guitars. The pace quickens during the title cut as the band push the envelope even further with the desperate cry of "Isolation" ringing throughout the track. "Ethereal" has a more psychedelic spirit and hypnotic demeanor that makes you feel like you've stepped into a lost episode of The Twilight Zone while "Farewell" adds a lush, cinematic flair that winds things down well. A strong E.P. A highly recommended release that leaves me thirsting for more.

Sonder S/T LP (

I've been absolutely loving this debut album from Belgian psych pop band Sonder. "Little Tim In A Sea of Sand" starts things out with it's rich soothing, atmospherics and tight in the pocket rhythm section. There's also some truly stellar keyboard work that adds balance to the shimmering tones that flow throughout the piece. Things move into a bit darker territory on "Circus Freak" as it's chiming guitars also offer a mood that's distant and cold while "Dreamlands" (Red Kites) is more bouncy and experimental. The band show off their synth pop side during "Electric" which serves as a two minute interlude that runs into the intricately structured "Flight Of The Last Bird". It's got a fun dance style groove to it that echoes the spirits of Blondie and Franz Ferdinand but with a much gloomier demeanor. Album closer "Shadow Horse" with it's swinging rhythm and well crafted hooks send the album off on a note of hope. An A+ record loaded with remarkable songs and undeniable originality.

The Flaming Lips "How??" Single (

"How??" the second single from the new Flaming Lips album 'Oczy Mlody" starts out at a dirge like pace as a wave of pulsating synths grind alongside Wayne Coyne's trademark voice. It's got a very bleak/apocalyptic feel to it that's also very colorful and glowing all at the same time. Eventually the tones shift into a more upbeat place only to fall back to the droning textures and minimal beat. It's deep psychedelic stance and radiant atmospherics give it an intense dramatic effect that's also very inviting and mysterious. I can't think of a better song that reflects the current state of the world. "Ozy Mlody" comes out January 13th 2017 and is sure to be one of the bands most important records to date.

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