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Friday, December 9, 2016

CMM's 60 Favorite Songs Of 2016

A lot of darkness surrounded 2016 and we lost some truly innovative and amazing musicians this year that will be missed forever. Still in all of the darkness, confusion and trying times we had a ton of new music to inspire us throughout the year. I'm so happy I got to experience so much of it. There were so many bands and artists worthy of being on this list so it was hard to break it down to just 60 tracks but I wanted to share a collection of songs that really inspired me this year. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Looking forward to another music filled year in 2017.

1. David Bowie "Lazarus" (

There is no particular order to these 60 songs but I still have to put this track first. The loss of David Bowie on January 10th of this year was a devastating blow to us all. His final album "Blackstar" was released just two days before and Bowie had planned the album to be his swan song, and a "parting gift" for his fans before his death. "Lazarus" was the albums second single and it's hard to put into words the feeling I get every time I watch this video.

2. Leonard Cohen "You Want It Darker" (

One of the most amazing songs anyone will ever hear from one of the worlds most incredible poets. RIP Leonard Cohen.

3. Mayflower Madame "Confusion Hill" (

It doesn't get much better than this. Dark, hypnotic psych rock from Oslo, Norway that delves deep inside your soul. Just one of several stand out tracks from their debut album "Observed In A Dream".

4. You People "Deliver Me Home" (

This song fully captures everything that's good about loud energetic indie rock. From the bands debut album "Dropouts".

5. Clifffs "Volcano" (

Stripped down in your face punk rock n roll backed by catchy hooks and a blistering guitar attack that's second to none.

6. Kim Gordon "Murdered Out" Single (Matador)

This song floors me every time i hear it. Mysterious, dangerous and down right menacing.

7. Kyle Craft "Eye Of A Hurricane" (

Such a stellar cut that features Craft's powerful vocal delivery backed by a pumping piano and an heavy dose of glam rock swag. Think Bowie, classic Elton John and a dash of ragtime flair for good measure.

8. Dinosaur JR "Tiny" (

There's a fine balance of youthful energy and familiar sounds throughout the track as J Mascis trademark fuzz guitar tone and laid back vocal stance lead the way.

9. Klute "Loser"(

An infectious blast of turbo charged rock n roll that echoes the spirits of The Replacements, Dinosaur JR and Husker Du.

10. Citrus Clouds "Imagination" (

The lead single from this Phoenix based shoegaze unit's debut album of the same name. Stellar from beginning to end.

11. Rev Rev Rev "A Ring Without An End" (

An Absolutely crushing track from this energetic Italian shoegaze outfit's latest album “Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient”.

12. Adult Colour "Spacemen II" (

A brilliant track that's full of ferocious guitars and mind bending atmospherics that take you into an other worldly environment. Definitely one of my favorite new bands.

13. The Orange Kyte "Inside Out n' Upside Down" (

"Inside Out n' Upside Down" is a brilliant upbeat psych tinged number that's full of 60's swagger and sway. It's bright and fun and full of life and sits well alongside the bands previous singles.

14. The Retinas "Accident" (

A lo-fi garage rock n roll masterpiece from one of the most prolific bands going today.

15. Lucius "Born Again Teen" (

I had this one on blast all year long. Undeniably awesome!!!

16. Sister Pact "Mon Cheval" (

Love the crushing beat and layers of experimental sounds NYC's Sister Pact create on this track.

17. Captions "Bearfights" (

Soothing indie pop from California off their latest release "Iterations"

18. Loving You "Nothing But Glory" (Grindhouse Edition) (

Led by the incredible presence of vocalist Alison Clancy "Nothing But Glory" harnesses a power and spirit that draws you in and takes you on a hypnotic journey throughout a world of mystery and intrigue.

19. The I Don't Cares "Love out Loud" (

Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield have teamed up to form The I Don't Cares. "Love Out Loud" from the duo's debut album "Wild Stab" is a raunchy, high energy rocker led by a buzzsaw like guitar attack and Westerbergs trademark rasp.

20. This Blinding Light "Mercury" (

A stunningly beautiful song and video from one of Seattle's best shoegaze/psych outfits.

21. Boss Hog "Wichita Grey" (In The Red Records)

Legend has it that Boss Hog are internationally-known as New York City’s most provocative and original rock’n’roll band and I'd say "Wichita Grey" just might etch this statement in stone.

22.Iggy Pop "Gardenia"(

A vibrant and charming number from Iggy's latest album "Post Pop Depression". Another song I couldn't get enough of in 2016.

23. Belle-Skinner "And Then You Leave (Go On)" (

An amazing track from one o NYC's best up and coming singer songwriters.

24. Electric Sheep "Headscrew" (

An infectious blast of grage rock swagger from one of Chicago's best new bands.

25. Lou Barlow "The Breeze" (

A comforting piece from one of my all time favorite musicians.

26. Mantere "Maalis" (

Top of the line musicianship and excellent songwriting alongside a hypnotic layer of psychedelic mystery.

27. Hook Turns "Inland Sea" (

An impressive number from this new singer songwriter out of Australia.

28. Davide Moscato "Singnals" (

A brilliantly well executed piece from one of the most captivating records of 2016.

29. Jesus And Mary Chain "Amputation" (

Happy to hear new music from one of my all time favorites.

30. Lime Forest "Over And Over And Over" (

Laid back, hypnotic psych that keeps me wanting more.

31. Poomse "Plastic Flowers" (

An intricate guitar driven number from their latest album "This Is How We Fail".

32. Orations "Oh' the Horror" (

I can't get enough of Orations. Their gloom and doom meets college rock style is truly one of a kind . "Oh' the Horror" is the lead single from the bands upcoming album "Wych Elm".

33. Voir Voir "I Wanna"

An uplifting track from one of the best new indie rock bands going today.

34. Beach Towels "Sun Soaked" (

I love the lulling waves of psychedelic energy that radiate throughout this song. Top notch indeed.

35. Daniel Lanois "Heavy Sun" (feat. Rocco DeLuca)(

Another stunning piece by a true master of the craft.

36. Hot Glew "Bunker" (

Hot Glew never cease to amaze me. Another well executed track that showcases true originality.

37. The Pleasure Holes "Lovebug" (

"Lovebug" is one of several excellent tracks The Pleasure Holes released this year. Delightful, shoegaze with an experimentaledge.

38. Big Business "Father's Day" (

Anotehr crushing, dirge driven anthem from this long running rock n roll powerhouse.

39. Hot Hot Heat "Kid Who Stays in the Picture" (

A really fun song from the bands final record.

40. Ballad Of Geraldine "He" (

Gritty in your face no frills rock n roll. From their debut album "Another Cigarette".

41. Dumb Numbers "Girl On The Screen" (Joyful Noise Recordings)

An inspiring piece from one of the best albums of the year.

42. Beck "Wow" (

There was a lot of darkness surrounding 2016 but this track helped shed a little bit of happiness into teh mix.

43. Melvins "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" (

I love The Melvins and I love baseball. Happy to see they love baseball too

44. Heron & Crane "Happy Birthday" (

A really fun song from this Kentucky based indie rock outfit. Looking forward to more.

45. Elora "Carlo" (

Just one of many stand out tracks from their latest album "Dembitsky"!!!

46. The Red Shift "Bellyache" ((

Energetic, to the point rock n roll that reminds me of of Buddy Holly, Jawbreaker and J Church. Get into it!!!

47. We Are Scientists "Buckle" Single (

This song makes me feel good!!!

48. Teenage Fanclub "I'm In Love" (

An excellent cut from one of my all tiem favorite bands new album "Here".

49. Klute "Sick To The Bone" (

These guys "Loser" E.P. is so damn good I had to select a second track from it. Brilliant rock n roll out of Spain.

50. Soul Asylum "Supersonic" (

Awesome new track that stands up well next to the bands classic material.

51. Wanweird "Four Below" (

A fine offering of hook filled, in your face punk rock n roll.

52. Death Valley Rally "Until It Mets Away" (

A blissful blend of well crafted indie pop and shoegaze from their stunning new album "Northern Lights".

53. The Pixies "Talent" Single (

In my opinion "Talent" is the best of all the (new) Pixies tracks that have come along in recent years.

54. Seven Tin Stars "Your Cigarette Was Glowing" (

One of the most comforting and hypnotic tracks from the bands latest E.P. "Return Of The White Tide". Can't wait to hear what's next.

55. Spirit System "Black Moon" (

"Black Moon" draws you into Spirit System's dark web of rich atmospheric bliss. One of my favorite tracks from their latest album "Nightfalling".

56. Midnight Door "Mooooooon" (

Vibrant rhythms and amazing cello playing cement this cut as one of my favorites of the year.

57. Bat For Lashes "Sunday Love" (

Natasha Khan strikes big again. A stunning piece sure to leave you breathless.

58. Dog. Paper. Submarine. "The View From The Sidewalk" (

Stripped down lo-fi rock n roll at it's best. More please!!!

59. Alison Clancy "Waste My Days" (

A stellar number that truly has a sound all of it's own. Innovative, experimental bliss.

60. Aux Portes "Glockenspielfuzz"(

A hypnotic, psych drenched ride from this top notch rock n roll outfit.

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  1. This is a really nice stuff... i really love this collection and thank you to include my "Signals".