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Friday, June 12, 2015

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Charivari EP 1 (

An excellent E.P. full of rich, shimmering guitar sounds, pounding drums and reverb drenched vocals. "In The Valley" is a darkly intoxicating track of epic proportions. There are some seriously eerie sounds all over this song that really draw you in and allow you to get lost in all it's breath taking beauty. "Children Of The Lysergic Sun" is a moody track full of highly textured melodies that build and build to blissful heights as everything reaches peak level, while the mammoth "May Peace Be Upon You, Brother (I,II)" is a triumphant piece of music that moves from hypnotic soundtrack territory into angular guitar driven mayhem before crashing with dirge like intensity and noise. Cunning, cagey and intense.

Charles Pender "A Selection Of 4 Instruments" E.P. (

"A Selection Of 4 Instruments" the brilliant new E.P. from Brighton based sound designer Charles Pender is nothing short of astonishing. "Kalimba" begins with a dark haunting tone that quickly switches to a pleasant, positive feeling that's full of balance, hope and wonder. "Dulcitone" is more percussive adding sounds that are both mind bending and mysterious almost as if there is something peculiar looming around what is otherwise a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. More aspects of nature are present during "Grand Piano" when what seems like a gathering of birds are being drawn in by the ominous tones of a pumping piano. Things get even more frantic during "Xylophone" as layers of other worldly sounds come together to make an absolutely beautiful wash of audio euphoria. A stellar collection of work, recommended at the highest level.

Domiciles S/T E.P. (

An excellent collection of neo-psychedelic songs from Domiciles out of Scotland. "Clearing" starts things off with a dynamic, wall of sound that channels some of the best aspects of shoegaze and dream pop. "100 Miles" is a laid back psych pop piece in the spirit of Donovan and Syd Barrett while the beautiful atmospheric soundscapes of "Away/Beyond" serve as a nice transitional piece leading into the garage rock inspired "Hate The Sinner". Everything culminates with the rich vibrato of "The End" as the band sends us off for an adventure into the mysterious world of the unknown.

Flashes "Gurth" Single (

An impressive blast of high energy noise pop out of the U.K. Clocking in at two minutes and thirteen seconds "Gurth" opens with a catchy captivating hook, driven by jangling guitars and raspy vocals. Quickly the track shifts into more chaotic territory as the guitars kick in with a violent blast of fuzz and distortion backed by a crushing rhythm section set for self destruct. Everything comes to a screaming halt as the sounds fade out under a blanket of reverberation. Simply put Flashes have craved out their own brand of angst ridden rock n roll that's sure to melt faces across the globe.

Shatterhand "Satanskin Christian Love" E.P. (

Really happy to hear this E.P. from new Memphis based band Shatterhand. They have developed a truly unique sound that combines aspects of indie pop. shoegaze, country and jazz. Songs like "Andrew" don't come along too often with it's effect heavy guitar sound backed by a soothing violin and the charming vocals of George Michael Williford. The country tinged "Tent Revival" has some of the darkest sounding guitar parts I've heard in some time. Things get a bit more experimental on "Spiders" which reminds me a bit of Birthday party era Nick Cave while "Hazel" swings along with a very upbeat rhythm and quirky riffs until breaking into a section of rage and destruction. I can't wait to hear what's next.

The Trems "Back & Forth" E.P. (

Garage, punk, psych unit The Trems carve out a collection of straight up barn burners on their latest E.P. "Back & Forth". Hard hitting opener "I Wanna Be Your Man" (not the Beatles penned Stones song) sets the pace for this high octane rock n roll journey. Blues based "Another Day" is a raunchy rocker full of distorted power chords that caps off with a speedy 4/4 punk beat that shows off the more aggressive side of the band. "Shiver My Bones" has a ton of retro garage rock swag ah la The Kinks while "Back & Forth" follows a similar pattern but with more intricate riffs and structure. The vocals are also spot on throughout as they offer quite a presence that makes me imagine how great this band must be live.

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