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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Deer Leader "Know Everything, Know Everyone​/​Last Act Of A Desperate Man" Digital Single (

Huge walls of reverberating guitars and thunderous drums create astonishing sounds throughout "Know Everything, Know Everyone" which is the debut single from Glasgow's Deer Leader. The chiming notes that echo throughout the droning melodies are quite captivating, moving at a great pace that builds up to maximum volume. "Last Act Of A Desperate Man" is a much more riff oriented track building back and forth between multiple guitar themes and multiple moods. The piano parts of the last couple of minutes give way to a dying haunting noise almost like a portal to another dimension.

Erinome "Fracture" Single (

Incredible tones fill this eight minute soundscape of experimental beauty. The nuances that channel through this recording as it progresses are astonishing as some sounds are just slightly changing as they grow and grow around you. This is best enjoyed on head phones or on a home stereo with large speakers so one can fully take in the dynamics of the piece. One of the best ambient projects I've heard in some time. Highly recommended.

Fracture (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Erinome on Vimeo.

Friendlier Bear "Arise Jack Russell" E.P. (

I love these uplifting electronic songs. "Arise Jack Russell" has such positive movement. The songs have an "anything is possible" type feeling to them. "O Great Gorecky" is fast paced and sounds like the first ray of sunlight on an early weekend morning. "It Is Not Silent" is much more ambient and experimental in the vein of Eno or Philip Glass. "Rockets" has a nice 80's snyth pop feel while "Room And Borders" may be the most experimental track of the five. This record is a breath of fresh air and a great introduction to what should be a promising batch of releases to come from this Central Pennsylvania upstart.

High Climbers S/T E.P. (

Folk based yet atmospheric. Catchy but bleak. High Climbers present three excellent songs on their S/T debut E.P. The record kicks off with "Little" which is the most straight forward track of the three. The smokey style vocals and laid back feel really appeal to me. "Never Cut You Down" is a bit more experimental and has some really nice guitar hooks while "Flicker" has a darker feel to it with more somber vocals and a slower pace but with an underlying feel of hope. Overall a very enjoyable record. Looking forward to hearing where this U.K. duo goes from here.

Partikel S/T E.P. (

Impressive release from this Swedish sonic psychedelic foursome. These guys certainly wear their influences on their sleeves so if your a fan of The Stooges, The Doors and early Pink Floyd this band is for you. Opening track "Up On The Cross" is a guitar driven barn burner packed with fuzz and a swinging beat perfect for a Friday night cruise about town. "Tiden Rinner" is a more spaced out number that has that "Waiting For The Sun" type vibe. The pounding beat of "To Get Away From You" is nothing short of infectious and the sitar like drones playing along with it only enhance things more. "One Of Us Cannot Be Me" feels like a song straight out of Easy Rider. An excellent spin on some classic tones that leave me wanting more.

Tin Fingers "Rooms On Rooms" E.P. (

Belgium's Tin Fingers debut E.P. "Rooms On Rooms" is a refreshing mix of hypnotic dream folk and psychedelic pop. Pulsing layers of comforting synths start off the soothing sounds on opening track "Wheel Arch" which sets you up for "The Night Before" which has a bit of a Roxy Music like flair to it but with more of a tropical type vibe going on. "Towns Of Silence" is a catchy number that reminds me of Chutes Too Narrow" era Shins. The songs move at a nice steady pace flowing together really well. From top to bottom this is a very well put together debut.

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