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Friday, December 26, 2014

"Five For Friday" with Joe Green of Lightsblinding

Based in the U.K. Lightsblinding is the solo project of guitarist Joe Green. His debut S/T E.P. is full of rich guitar textures and underlying drones that come off as a soundtrack to a film if it where set in a futuristic country side. Before you enjoy Joe's stellar picks for this weeks "Five For Friday" have a listen to his latest piece "Transcendence".

Explosions in the Sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone

After discovering The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place in 2013, this album and song have become the starting point and the biggest influence for all the playing around with dynamics I've done in my writing.

Bloc Party "So Here We Are"

Twinkly guitars, chorus and reverb. This is my idea of perfection in terms of production, everything is just so well put together.

lovesliescrushing "Bloweyelashwish"

Surreal, blissful guitar music. Really inspired me to deconstruct how the guitar can be used as an instrument.

The Echelon Effect "Handing Over To Summer"

Lovely progressions and melodies. Anything melodic makes me think differently next time I try to write my own music, and listening to The Echelon Effect was key to me becoming comfortable with the fundamental ideas of post-rock and how to implement electronic elements into it. If not for electronic influences I don't think I would ever have matured as a musician and writer at all.

Foxing "Friendly Homes"

Emotive post-hardcore/emo type stuff like this is what influences the larger part of my writing, also has less abrasive bridge parts that have found a place in my most recent work.

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