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Friday, March 16, 2018

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Dose "Furniture" Single (A Turntable Friend)

UK experimental noise rock band Dose shine on their latest single "Furniture". Let me first say that the production on this recording is pretty incredible. The guitar sound is off the charts and I love the dynamic they create between the clean, punchy tones and the sea of distorted noise. The vocals carry a haunting vibe that flows along nicely next to the shuffling rhythm. Overall "Furniture" is a mysterious number that draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

Hot Snakes "Why Don't It Sink In?" Single (Sub Pop)

"Why Don't It Sink In?" the lead single from the brand new Hot Snakes album "Jericho Sirens" is a blistering, noise ridden blast of relentless punk. Clocking in at just 78 seconds this track could make up the most exciting 78 seconds of your life. It's one of the ten no frills numbers that make up the groups first album in 14 years and it's honestly one of the most riff blasting, in your face raunchy rock n roll records you will hear all year. I think you will agree that we all need a lot more of this in our lives.

Men I Trust "Show Me How" Single (

Montreal's Men I Trust are an indie dance band who " love smooth sounds, calm melodies and simple rhythms that relax, but make your right foot tap and your chin bounce on the beats." Their latest single "Show Me How" is a prime example of this as it's perfect bass line moves alongside rich, atmospheric guitar chords that set the foundation for Emma's breathtakingly beautiful vocals. It's breezy, dream like mood creates an other worldly feeling that's truly stunning. The band are currently on the road and have upcoming shows all over the U.S., U.K. and Europe including a stop in Norfolk Virginia this coming Monday March 19th at Charlie's American Cafe.

Messthetics “Quantum Path” (Advance Track) (Dischord)

DC instrumental trio The Messthetics are set to release their debut self titled album next week via Dischord Records. The group just happens to feature possibly the greatest rhythm section in underground rock history in former Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty and Bassist Joe Lally. The two are joined by D.C. based experimental guitarist Anthony Pirog. "Quantum Path" is a whirlwind blend of frantic yet controlled math rock mastery that echoes the spirits of Hella, and The Fucking Champs. It's full of menacing power chord based grooves mixed with highly intricate blasts of jazz riffs and delicate sonic nuances. The track certainly takes you on a rollercoaster ride where you really aren't sure what's going to come next. Really looking forward to taking in the full release and seeing this unit live.

Today Junior "Skate Punx" Single (

Boston based rockers Today Junior have been hard at work on their new album "Single Forever" which is set to be released on April 6th. Advance single "Skate Punx" offers up the amazingly catchy and vibrant brand of rock n roll Today Junior have steadily been making a name on over the last few years. It's melodic surf guitar attack, uplifting beat and rolling bass line mesh perfectly with the solid matter of fact style vocal delivery. Bottom line, Today Junior are a really fun band and you are sure to be singing along to "Skate Punx" halfway through your first listen. An excellent track from one of my favorite bands.

Yo La Tengo "For You Too" Single (Matador)

Indie rock vets Yo La Tengo return with a brand new album titled "There's A Riot Going On". Advance track "For You Too" is a dreamy, moody piece full of delicate guitar work that's backed by a subtle yet driving groove. Ira Kaplan’s signature subdued vocals never sounded better as he gives off an undeniably brilliant performance that's as lulling as it is uplifting. It's gentle, subliminal and colorfully hypnotic. "There's A Riot Going" marks the bands 15th full length album and it's available today courtesy of Matador Records.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Animal Flag "Why" Single (Flower Girl Records)

"Why" the latest single from the upcoming Animal Flag album "Void Ripper" is full of lush undertones and powerful dynamics. There's plenty of angst to go with the looming atmospherics that radiate throughout the track. Things also reach a peak of almost orchestral like levels as a sea of instruments come together to make some of the most intense sounds you will hear anywhere. Finally a lulling feeling comes over everything as Animal Flag founder Matthew Politoski's voice fades out giving way to a wave of flourishing soundscapes. "Void Ripper" will be out April 13th courtesy of Flower Girl Records.

Ceremony "Closer" single (

Fredericksburg Virginia's Ceremony are set to release their fifth album "East Coast" in May. The first single "Closer" is quite possibly the most mind bending song the group has ever created. Led by a dirge driven bass line and galloping drums, Ceremony founder John Fedowitz incorporates elements of noise rock, goth rock and shoegaze that makes for a cagey mix of eclectic styles. There's an undeniable feeling of danger and dismay that runs throughout the track while colorful yet harsh psychedelic vibes annihilate your speakers.

Guided By Voices "Kingdom Of Cars" B-Side (GBV Inc.)

"Kingdom Of Cars" is yet another tremendous GBV song. Found on the B-Side of the recent "Space Gun" 7" single and sung by guitarist Doug Gillard the song offers aspects of prog rock, psych rock and power pop. Gillard's voice is on point as always and it meshes well with the quirky bass line and modulated guitar riffs. At times I also get a really strong Bowie feel as there's some dreamy nuances at the end of the piece that put the track over the top. Their new album "Space Gun" will be available March 23rd.

Jess Williamson "I See The White" Single (Mexican Summer)

After spending a decade living in Austin, Jess Williamson moved to Los Angeles in 2016 where she would write and develop the songs that make up her upcoming album "Cosmic Wink". Lead single "I See The White" is a truly amazing song that brings to mind the glory days of 70's singer songwriters mixed with a solid influence from artists like Chan Marshall and Patti Smith. Reflecting on the album Williamson says “This track is a love track and it’s additionally sort of me throwing a tantrum. It’s begging for solutions and making a couple of calls for too.”. The video directed by Eli Welbourne is stunning to say the least and enhances the songs brilliance even more. "Cosmic Wink" will be available May 11th via Mexican Summer and Williamson will be out on tour in the U.S. throughout April and May.

TV Slime "Slime Demon" ( E.P.

Chicago punk/hardcore unit TV Slime offer up this four song skull crushing E.P. that clocks in at under 10 minutes. The tracks are absolutely relentless as layers of nasty guitars and pounding drums run you over like a bulldozer. The manic sounding vocals really push things to the edge and add an even more psychotic feel to the mix and I must say these tracks have one of the best sounding distorted bass tones I've ever heard. Fans of no frills, in your face punk rock are sure to love this. Now I just gotta see this band live.

Youngest Of Elders "Metaphors & Maps" (Single) (

San Francisco based rock outfit Youngest Of Elders are back with a new uplifting single called "Metaphors & Maps". The track is full of rich hypnotic hooks and catchy guitar melodies while the production is top notch across the board and matched by stellar musicianship and a hopeful and positive presence. The band harness a fine balance between a straight up rock sound and more ambient territory. Another inspiring effort from this remarkable project led by Vocalist/Guitarist Jesse Gale.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Black Light White Light "Teenage Dream" Single (

"Teenage Dream" the dynamic new single from Malmö, Sweden's Black Light White Light showcases an array of sounds as their shoegaze meets psych pop meets post punk elixir is a true delight to take in. From the chiming ambient intro to the driving beat and bottomless bass groove the band really showcase some of their best chops and songwriting abilities throughout the track as ethereal vocals and gliding guitars loom over top. It's a tremendous piece that takes you on a colorful rollercoaster of mind bending sounds.

Darryl Blood "The Campus" Original Soundtrack (

Former Turkish Delight guitarist Darryl Blood has put together an incredible soundtrack for the J. Horton horror thriller The Campus. Things start out with the acoustic piano based "Opening Theme" which really sets the tone for everything in fine form. "Zombie Attack" is full of pulsating synths that carry a frantic feel. It's the type of piece that certainly lives up to it's name and would make John Carpenter proud to hear. The mysterious feel of numbers like "Body Horror" and "Face Off" keep you guessing as to what will come next while "Eye Of Zombies" combines ambient soundscapes with droning synth based melodies. Overall there are twenty one pieces that set the pace for Horton's amazing film which the website Horror Society describes as "The Exorcist meets Happy Death Day meets House of the Devil meets The Devil’s Advocate". It's certainly a winning combination sure to delight fans of late night supernatural slasher flicks.

Dinosaur JR "Hold Unknown" Single

The always incredible Dinosaur JR are back with a brand new single called "Hold Unknown". It's part of the Adult Swim 2018 singles series and it's their first new track since the release of their 2016 album "Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not". It's a quick number full of all the fuzzed out guitar riffage you have come to expect from J Mascis along with his signature vocal sound while bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph show once again why they are one of the most thunderous rhythm sections in rock n roll. The band head to the U.K. for a round of shows starting on March 21st in Bristol.

Gull Boy "Goblin Song / F​.​I​.​R." E.P. (

I'm in love with this new two song E.P. from Boston based group Gull Boy. The band features former Turkish Delight bassist Carl Thien on bass and vocals along with guitarists Andy Choy and Sean Terry and drummer Erik Brakke. "Goblin Song" is an energetic blast of relentless jangle pop mixed with solid doses of art rock and power pop for good measure. "F.I.R. has one of those three chord guitar grooves that reeks of The Who. It's upbeat feel and gritty stance blend well with it's undeniable pop sensibility. An excellent and inspiring pair of songs indeed. Can't wait to see this band live.

L7 "I Came Back to Bitch" Single (Don Giovani Records)

L7 return with an absolutely crushing track called "I Came Back To Bitch". The band have such a distinct style and attitude that can't be duplicated or matched by any other band and that attitude and swagger is felt throughout every second of this song. The group made up of Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner, Janis Tanaka, and Demetra Plakas never sounded better and you can catch them out on the road again this spring starting on April 11th at Paradise Rock Club in Boston.

Ladytron "The Animals" Single (

Synth-Pop foursome Ladytron have just released their first new single in seven years. "Animals" is a dark and dreamy piece that's backed by an infectious beat and lead by Helen Marnie's spectacular voice. The track carries a strong cinematic vibe that's haunting yet melodic at the same time. Look for another new Ladytron single later this Summer with a full album to follow in the fall.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

"Our Time Is Now" an interview with Twilight Fields

Twilight Fields is the brainchild of Canadian musician Allister Thompson. His blend of "ambient rock" with influences from progressive rock, ambient, dream-pop, psych-folk and shoegaze is some of the most intriguing and dynamic music you will hear anywhere. We sat down with Allister to talk about what inspired him to start the project, his earliest musical memories and the process of making his latest album "Our Time Is Now".

CMM-What's your first musical memory and what's the first music you heard that made a major impact on you?

Allister-Probably the first thing, other than listening to two weird British musical singing pigs named Pinky and Perky, was discovering my parents' worn-out copy of A Hard Day's Night (the LP) when I was about 7 or 8 and playing the crap out of it. But to be honest, when I was thirteen and suddenly developed a huge interest in rock music, I developed an obsession with The Police! I had all their tapes, Sting's solo albums, and even tried some Andy Summers solo stuff as well. I was really into it. I can't say that band is an influence on what I do now, though.

CMM-When did Twilight Fields start and what was the inspiration for the musical direction you went in?

Allister-I used to make music similar to this back in the early 2000s, under my own name; sixties-influenced psych folk mainly. I took a long break from my own music to play in friends' bands in the 2000s, which toured and kept me busy. I then made a solo album, Shadowlands, in 2009 and started The Gateless Gate in 2012 to make instrumental ambient/Krautrock. I had no intention of getting back into the pop singing game after that. But I knew that my skills had gradually improved and that I had a lot to give still, especially lyrically. I was partly inspired, frankly, in 2014 by discovering the music of a band called Anathema. They're a former metal band, but they now make this beautiful, emotional, cinematic music to a pretty sizeable audience. Just amazing music. Basically, it hit me like a thunderbolt, like hearing exactly what my future could have been if I'd stayed the course and kept making the kind of music I had started doing. That really inspired me to get back to saying things that I thought were important, no matter now earnest it made me sound. Mind you, I'm not saying Twilight Fields really sounds like Anathema; it's more of an intention.

CMM- Also what made you choose the name Twilight Fields?

Allister-Twilight Fields is the title of an album by one of my favorite musicians, Stephan Micus. It's apparently also the name of something in a popular video game, but I wasn't aware of that before using it.

CMM-What was the writing and recording process for "Our Time Is Now" like?

Allister-I like to come up with an idea of what I want to say...not necessarily "concept" albums per se, but I'm album-oriented. So there was a general vibe I wanted to give off, in this case about unconditional love, so I had that in mind the whole time. I list off some topics I'd like to write about. However, I generally come up with musical ideas first, build those up, then work on lyrics and melodies last. I am the entire band, so I basically just layer things as the mood strikes me.

CMM-Any particular gear you used in the making of it. (Guitars, pedals, amps etc)

Allister-Since it's a one-man project, I don't have a lot of gear-head stuff to say. I use a really good acoustic guitar by a Canadian manufacturer called Larrivée. I have a hollow-body electric guitar, the Ibanez Artist, that I've had since I was sixteen. You can make it sound like anything, really. I've had all kinds of name-brand electrics and sold them all. And my bass is a vintage 1982 Peavey T-40, once endorsed by Ross Valory of Journey! It's so heavy, you need a special elasticized strap to wear the damn thing. But it sounds as huge as it weighs.

CMM-If you could score a soundtrack for any film director who would it be and what would the film be about?

Allister-I'd love to do something for Herzog, like Popol Vuh used to do. Documentary, drama, anything!

CMM-What's the scene like in your part of Canada? Any bands or venues worth mentioning?

Allister-The scene outside of major cities in Canada went downhill for a while but is reviving with the enthusiasm of younger bands. There are a couple of good small-scale indie festivals in our town now, and some bands do come through. The local talent is good, as far as I've heard, but it's been a while since anyone got famous in the music industry from this area...I think. Since this is currently a "studio" project only, I haven't played the local scene. My history with gigging and touring all took place when I lived in Toronto, Canada's largest market. I moved here for peace n' quiet!

CMM-What direction do you see the next Twilight Fields recordings moving in and what do you have planned for a follow up release?

Allister-I do have a concept in mind. I used to write a lot of heavy material (mood-wise) about war, climate change, animal rights, all sorts of topical stuff, before turning inward to more philosophical stuff with Twilight Fields; I felt that I needed to express those more positive, personal things. However, if I have a chance, I have ideas for an album that will draw upon the same genres but be much harder-hitting, lyrically. I do not like the things people have done to the planet and to each other, not one bit, and I might have a few more things to say about that! So hopefully I do end up making that album.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

The Breeders "Nervous Mary" Single (4 Ad)

Loving this new track from the upcoming Breeders album "All Nerve". "Nervous Mary" is full of all the amazing things that make this band so good. From the infectious vocal harmonies, to the driving beat and hypnotic guitar melodies this track is pure gold and I think it's safe to say they have never sounded better. I can't wait to take in the full album which will be released on March 2nd courtesy of 4AD.

Daniel Ruiz "Meet the Crimson Woman at the Dawn Café" Single (

Daniel Ruiz has accomplished quite a bit over the last few years both as Weinf and now under his own name. His latest track "Meet the Crimson Woman at the Dawn Café" is highly dynamic and highly intricate as the level of musicianship he displays is off the charts. It's a mysterious number that has a bit of a sinister element to it that recalls the likes of Morphine, The Birthday Party and classic Jazz. Can't get enough of this one.

High Climbers Presents..."Maine - Air Traffic" (

"Maine - Air Traffic" is the first solo effort from High Climbers member Mike Robertson which he recorded to celebrate his temporary departure from Bristol. The albums nine songs are gentle yet haunting, simple yet complex and overall pretty intense at times. The intricate yet laid back guitar sounds fill out most of the music while Robertson's voice does a tremendous job at telling his stories. "Can You See It" comes off like post Barrett era Pink Floyd if it were produced by GBV's Robert Pollard while "Good Go Up" and "Preoccupations" are two of my other favorite songs from the record as their heartfelt presence and cathartic stance really get me with each and every listen. A remarkable effort overall that I hope is the first of many.

Katie Caulfield "Wedding" Single (

The slow dirge driven feel of this track draws you into a musical black hole that's fueled with relentless passion and menace while still keeping a sense of structure around all the chaos. Katie Caulfield are actually a 3 piece band from Poland made up of Michał Piech [Okide]on Drums, Katie Hurdles on Guitar and Vocals and Paweł Tasak on Bass and together the group put a mean spin on the noise rock genre with intricate rhythms and pounding percussion. The track is taken from their latest album "Mutual Dreaming" which is an amazing seven track release that's sure to delight fans of bands like The Dazzling Killman, Zeni Geva and Glazed Baby to name a few. Do yourself a favor and blast this one loudly.

Lucius “Eventually” (Tame Impala Cover)

Lucius are one of my favorite bands and this cover of Tame Impala's "Eventually" is astonishingly good. Taken from their latest acoustic E.P. "Nudes", Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig's dynamic voices sound as stellar as always while the music is soothing, atmospheric and warm. "Nudes" will be available March first from Mom + Pop Records.

Sick Shit "Demonstration" Cassette (

New Jersey based hardcore/punk unit Sick Shit are the best hardcore band I've heard in years. The tracks on this cassette clock in at less than 2 minutes but they get a lot done in that little bit of time as the crushing spastic beats, bulldozer guitar riffs and manic sounding vocals never let up. They bring a refreshing take on the hardcore punk genre and hold absolutely nothing back in the process. Get into it.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Beach House "Lemon Glow" Single

Beach House have released a new track titled "Lemon Glow" from their upcoming album due out this Spring. It's hypnotic groove and dark tones blend well with it's pulsating synths and soundtrack like essence. Of coarse the stand out element of the track is the cunning delivery from vocalist Victoria Legrand who never ceases to impress me with her sense of style and ability to paint pictures with her words. Another remarkable effort from one the best bands in the game.

Crystal Canyon S/T LP (

Portland Maine's Crystal Canyon deliver big on their self titled debut album. Their fuzzed out guitar tones and noise driven melodies blend nicely with Lynda Mandolyn's captivating vocals. "Silverday" has a gliding feel to it that's drenched in catchy hooks and rich melodies and really kicks the album off well. "Adeline" is slower and darker and creates a nice bit of tension between the instruments while "Sleeper" is a mind bending number with all the elements of a true modern day shoegaze classic. Other stand out tracks include the at times orchestral sounding "Only In A Daydream", fuzz fueled "She Shines" which is a real ripper and the hook filled gem fittingly titled "Dim". Overall this is a pretty amazing debut sure to delight fans of shoegaze and dream pop flair and beyond.

Dr. Octagon "Octagon Octagon" Single (Bulk Recordings)

So after blasting the Dr Ocatgon debut "Dr. Octagonecologyst" for over 20 years Dr Octagon is finally back with a brand new album due out in April called "Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation". The super group consisting of Kool Keith as Dr. Octagon along with DJ Qbert and producer Dan The Automator have unveiled the albums first track "Octagon Octagon" which features all the weird lyrics and futuristic scenarios you'd expect and maybe not expect from these guys. Can't wait to take in this entire album which is sure to be one of the most incredible releases of the year.

Loma "Relay Runner" Single (Sub Pop)

Damn I'm a sucker for these types of dangerous sounding rhythms that seem to be created on another planet. "Relay Runner" is the first single off the debut album from Loma. Vocalist Emily Cross delivers an incredible performance that flows perfectly alongside the ever expanding sounds that move throughout the track. The rest of the group is made up of Dan Duszinsky (from Cross Record) and Jonathan Meiburg (from Shearwater). The members met on tour while performing with their other projects and "made a secret pact to start a band together". The trio certainly have a knack for harnessing haunting sounds that dance like shadows underneath a mysterious skyline. Their self titled debut just came out this week courtesy of Sub Pop.

Netherlands "Hope Porn" E.P. (

If you are not familiar with the monster rock n roll machine that's known as The Netherlands then you have seriously been missing out. From the opening riff of "Fakir Mintas" you will be enlightened to their brand of relentless mayhem. Led by the always prolific Timo Ellis "Hope Porn" is fueled by Ellis's crushing guitar tones and manic vocals along with Ava Farber's spaced out synth bass tones and the punishing drumming of John "Moon Boy" Willis. "The Moon Boy Swing" is based on a heavy groove with dark atmospherics that loom over top and give it a euphoric like vibe. "Negative Likes" features a pounding rhythm that literally never lets up while "A New Hope" is like a lost anthem to a humorous yet introspective sci-fi film. Just when you think it can't get any weirder, any heavier the E.P. ends with the brain scrambling madness of "Rewild" which sounds like a mix between Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Melvins and The Brothers Johnson. Another incredibly intense and powerful release from one of my favorite bands.

Twilight Fields "Our Time Is Now" LP (

I'm really impressed with this brand new album from Canadian ambient/dream psych outfit Twilight Fields. Their lush vocals and breathtakingly beautiful soundscapes make for some of the most heartfelt music you will hear anywhere and their musicianship is virtually off the charts as each instrument lays perfectly in the mix. Lead single "When I Saw You" is absolutely stellar as it's bold stance and atmospheric layers give it an epic feel. "Tell You" is another stand out number that creates an other worldly environment as it's shimmering guitars and vibrant nuances wash through your head like a dream. It's uplifting spirit and rolling bass line are sure to draw you in while the dirge driven force of "Waiting" adds a bit of danger to the record. "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" has a bit of a Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips vibe to it that meshes well with other tracks like the cosmic "Galaxies Turn", the delicate "My Mother" and folk based "She Remembers". The album closes with the elegant sounds of "For Those Who Have Loved In Wartime" which serves as the perfect ending to an album that's top notch from beginning to end.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Fleetwood Mac receive Musicares Person Of The Year Award.

On January 26th at Radio City Music Hall, Fleetwood Mac became the first group to receive the Musicares "Person Of The Year" Award. MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. MusiCares' services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical, and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality. MusiCares also focuses the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community. On this particular evening over 7 Million Dollars was raised for this tremendous organization that does so much for so many people.

A large group of musicians including HAIM,Harry Styles, Zack Brown Band, Miley Cyrus, One Republic, Keith Urban and others gathered to honor the legendary band known for such chart topping albums as "Rumors" and "Tusk". My favorite performance of the evening was Lorde's take on the bands classic B-side "Silver Springs".

Soon Fleetwood Mac would gather on the stage to receive their award which was highlighted by a very emotional speech from Stevie Nicks were she reflected on the loss of fellow musician and close friend Tom Petty who was Musicares Person Of The Year in 2017. “The loss of Tom Petty has just about broken my heart,” she said, gesturing to his daughter Adriana, who was in the audience. “He was not only a good man to go down the river with, (as Johnny Cash once said about Petty), he was a great father and a great friend ...he was one of my best friends. My heart will never get over this. He was honored at MusiCares last year and he spent a lot of time after that night talking to me about how important it was to him. And maybe he was talking about it because he was ill. He fought his way through that last tour — he should have canceled and gone home and gone to the hospital. But not Tom, he was gonna go down that river. So, God bless him, he finished his tour at the Hollywood Bowl with three shows, and one week later he died. But he got down the river.” “So Tom, I know you’re standing next to me. As you always have been for so many years. And he loved MusiCares.”

Harry Styles then joined the band for a rendition of "The Chain" which was followed by an exclusive Fleetwood Mac 4 song mini set which included "Little Lies", "Tusk", "Gold Dust Woman" and "Go Your Own Way".