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Friday, October 6, 2017

"Five For Friday" with Philly Shoegazers The Morelings

Founded by Matthew William and Kedra Caroline, The Morelings hit the Philly scene as a three piece just over 3 years ago. September 26th marked the release of the bands first full-length album, "Same Century", which was produced by Philly phenom Jeff Zeigler (Nothing, Kurt Vile). They have since expanded their act to a five-piece, delivering live performances reflective of the rich, layered studio sound for which they have become known. Matthew and Kedra share music from some of their favorite Philly and NYC based bands in this weeks edition of "Five For Friday" but first check out the video for the bands latest single "We Were".

Topics-- “Full of Feelings”

We played with Topics at Lava Space in Philly and have not been the same since. A bass guitar and drums: mesmerizing minimalism at its best.

TOPICS - Full of Feelings from Leif Holmberg on Vimeo.

The Soft Spots-- “Going Soft”

The Soft Spots blew us away when we first played with them in Philly last summer. Lush synths! Hazy goodness.

Haunted Homes-- “CoastGhost2Coast”

Love the vibe of this band. One of our favs. The rhythmical shifts with the twangy guitar are everything.

Vivienne Eastwood-- “Snooze”

The vocals in this song are gorgeous. We’ve been fortunate enough to play two shows with them in New York. Sound amazing live. Can’t wait for them to come to Philly!

Future Punx-- “Ever You Go”

Love the electronics in this one, the beautiful strangeness of the keyboards. What else is there to say?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Dylan Thomas "Suceso en la Plaza" E.P. (

Here's a truly delightful E.P. from this San José/Costa Rica based shoegaze unit that go by the name Dylan Thomas. Starting out with the upbeat flair of " Fuegos Artificiales a la Distancia" you know you are in for something special. It's got that breezy, feel good spirit to it that also channels a bit of "Boys Don't Cry" era Cure. "Últimos Días" relishes in a sea of jangle pop swag as it's pumping bass line, straight forward beat and lulling guitars move through the speakers in fine form. Rich layers of modulated guitars surface in "Suceso en la Plaza" while the upbeat stance of "Atacama" reminds me of something from R.E.M.'s "Murmur". It's a nice collection of songs that are incredibly well produced. Top notch across the board.

Everything And Everyone "Making Space" E.P. (

I can't get enough of this vibrant, inspiring E.P. from Boston's Everything And Everyone. This band just has an amazing knack for writing catching, fun uplifting indie pop songs that get you signing along in no time. "Happens All The Time" features a shuffling groove, rolling bass line and feel good vocal presence that gets everything off to a great start. The hook filled "Gypsy Rock" balances lo-fi indie rock sounds with country nuances while "Hide It All" moves quickly and makes great use of chiming, intricate guitars that add an element of brightness to everything. Closing piece "Ain't my House" has a slightly darker bit to it and really shows just how amazing this band is with it's heartfelt lyrics and comforting arrangement. Hands down four of the best songs you will hear all year. Get into it.

Lee Ranaldo "New Thing" Single (Mute)

"New Thing" from the forthcoming Lee Ranaldo album "Electric Trim" is a truly incredible song that seems to channel the likes of John Lennon, Lou Reed and Wilco with the undeniable coolness that is Lee Ranaldo. It's simple structure and matter of fact vocal style impress throughout as layers of atmospheric sound and noise shimmer in from time to time. Everything I've heard from this new record is amazing and what I like most about "New Thing" is that it's got a style to it we have not really heard from Lee Ranaldo before and that makes me feel good. The album will be available on September 17th courtesy of Mute Records.

Los Lemons :Pink Beach" E.P. (

This Indiana garage/surf outfit offer up a stunning 4 song E.P. full of jangling guitars and infectious pop hooks. "First Date" kicks things off with it's striking three chord riff and laid back vocal cadence. The track also features some stellar lead guitar work that puts things over the top. "Dreaming" has that sorta slack rock feel that is just flat out fun while the slow pace of "Fade" shows off another positive dynamic of the bands sound. Everything comes to an end on the rich, dream like "Wavves". It just might be my favorite track of the four as it really creates a sense of passion and attitude while layers of underlying melodies enhance it even more. A promising debut that's inspiring, honest and warm.

Total Euphoria "Rupture" LP (

Russian based project Total Euphoria has released one of the most intense and haunting albums I've heard in some time. Over the coarse of it's 12 tracks things grow from blasts of dirge driven synths and spaced out noise to lush soundscapes and epic soundtrack style post rock numbers. I'm particularly impressed with the guitar based piece "Mind Explosion" as it features a culmination of multiple guitars, interacting in seriously inspiring ways. From it's soothing clean melodies things move into full on frantic mode in a matter of minutes that create an almost psychedelic like haze. Other favorites include the calming feel of "Hard", punk rock stance of "Crumble" and experimental spirit of "Sick Tools". Overall "Rupture" shows off a sense of an artist that's really just going for it and isn't afraid to take chances or feel they have to stick to one particular style or sound.

Peppermint Showers "Joy Boy" E.P. (

Perth, Australia based shoegaze outfit Peppermint Showers deliver an eye opening effort on their latest E.P. "Joy Boy". Opening number "Dominoes" glides with elegance and grace as stretched out layers of shimmering guitars float alongside a lush, atmospheric vocal delivery. The slightly more experimental "Summer Still" takes you down a lulling path that's drenched in reverb and emits a sense of mystery, while the intriguing tones of "Scary Close" only add to the records evolving cinematic mood. Overall "Joy Boy" is a phenomenal release that draws you in and submerges you with their radiant and inviting sounds that wander through grey territories that are lined with lushly textured and colorful guitars. Highly recommended.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Ben Gibbard "The Concept" Single (

Recording his own version of Teenage Fanclub's landmark album "Bandwagonesque" Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard is the latest artist to take part in Turntable Kitchen’s full-length album cover series "Sounds Delicious". The first song to be revealed from the album is the 6 plus minute classic "The Concept" which is a bit more pop and ambient sounding but also very true to the original. According to Gibbard "Bandwagonesque' is my favorite record by my favorite band of all time. It came along at a pivotal time in my musical life and I’ve loved it for over 25 years. It’s been such a blast taking these songs apart to see how they work and then putting them back together again.” The album will be available on July 28th at

Electric Sheep "Boxcar" E.P. (

I'm so excited about this new Electric Sheep E.P. as over the last year or so they have grown to be one of my favorite garage rock units. These four new songs from the Chicago based band certainly don't disappoint as the energy and hook filled guitar riffs move is fine form over top of the feel good swinging beats. "Boxcar" starts things off with some head nodding rock n roll magic sure to get you dancing while "Timing Didn't Work Out" is driven by a thumping bass line and raw romping guitar riff that sits well with it's high energy vocal delivery. The intricate and cunning feel of "Queen Bee" raises the bar even more as it's "Hey Ya Ya Ya" chorus and pounding beat keep things on the move, while "Satisfied Sound" adds a touch of Mick Ronson like flavor to things that's absolutely brilliant. This record should be blasting through your speakers immediately now!!!

Hanetration "Gavia" E.P. (

Another stellar release from U.K. based experimental project Hanetration. Opening piece "Ponta" features an array of unconventional sounds that ring together perfectly and create a sonic landscape that's as mysterious as it is inviting. This energy continues on "Cygni" as it's pulsating drones and mechanical pace seem to take on a life of it's own, while the bagpipes on "Zorile" add another colorful element to the mix. Everything hits a sonic peak on "Kufuor" as layers of effects laced tones radiate through your speakers drawing you in with their rich thought provoking beauty. A tremendous release from one of the most prolific projects around.

Runaway Nuns "Do The Resistor" E.P. (

Runaway Nuns bash out an infectious blend of melodic garage rock that puts out a strong feeling of fun. Lead off track "People I Love" really sets the pace and gives you a sense of what the band is all about as it's upbeat, raw rock n roll spirit shines in full effect. The laid back grooves of "Crips" and "Walk My Way" take the fun level up even further and also show off just how much chemistry these guys have together as musicians. My personal favorite song "Lean To The Right" is a prime example of full on blistering rock n roll at it's best while "Resistor" is an uplifting blast of anthem-like garage rock madness full of no frills guitar leads and lyrics you can't help but sing along to. Simply put it's great to come across a band that truly knows how to bring it.

The Howling Fog S/T E.P. (

This Adelaide, Australia based shoegaze unit impress with a pair of blissful reverb drenched tracks that echo the spirit of early Ride. This is the bands first output and it seriously kills from beginning to end as layers of shimmering guitars sit well next to the rich, psychedelic vocal textures. The wandering sway of "Dead Me" harnesses a left of center, hypnotic presence that balances just the right amount of darkness with introspective light while the slow crawling pace of "Shutter" takes things to mind bending levels that make you feel like you are floating on air. A remarkably brilliant effort that leaves me longing for more.

The Tunnel "Plasma Den / Overland" Single (

First off let me say this band is absolutely sick. They have a sound that blends cage like song structures with a swagger fueled death rock attitude. "Plasma Den" is a hypnotic rocker that falls some place between Christian Death and your favorite Am Rep records. It's also got a ton of math rock influenced parts that keep your ears and mind in check with it's infectious unpredictability. "Overland" explores an almost apocalyptic stance that's super intense and primal. I also have to say that the rhythm section featuring Sam Black on bass and Michael Jacobs (also of San Fran area rockers Porch) on drums is nothing short of stellar as their sounds work incredibly well next to Jeff Wagner's tripped out guitar attack and somewhat manic vocal delivery. Enlightening, inspiring and highly original. Get into it

Thursday, July 6, 2017

U2's Adam Clayton Recieves MusiCares Stevie Ray Vaughan Award

U2's Adam Clayton received the Stevie Ray Vaughn Award from MusiCares and The Recording Academy on June 26th at The PlayStation Theater in New York City. MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. The award is given to musicians who have helped other musicians struggling with addiction. Clayton who has now been sober for 19 years started his speech by saying "I’m not used to achieving anything on my own…this is very unusual!”

Clayton talked about getting help and encouragement when battling his way through addiction from rock legends Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend. After two significantly long benders he received a call from Clapton who told him enough was enough. “He didn’t sugar coat it. He told me I had to change my life and that I wouldn’t regret it,” said Clayton. “He gave me the name of a treatment centre and the power to make the call to them.”. Once in treatment he got a call from Townshend who visited him and helped give him the courage to see things through. “These two talents were enough to get me started”, he said. “And to convince me my life wasn’t over, but that I was at the start of a long journey to learn to love myself.” He also thanked his fellow band mates for being there for him during the dark times. "I was lucky because I had three friends that could see what was going on and loved me enough to take up the slack of my failings.We have a pact with each other. In our band, no one will be a casualty. We all come home or none of us come home. No one will be left behind. Thank you for honoring that promise and letting me be in your band."

The event was fueled by an all star list of guest performances. Highlights included The Lumineers heartfelt rendition of U2's "One" which was followed by a riveting mini set from British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jack Garratt.The amazing Macy Grey performed a jazz like version of "My Way" as well as an extended version of her signature hit "I Try" followed by U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".

The evening closed with U2 performing a short three song set starting with “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” from their 2000 album "All That You Can't Leave Behind". Up next was an uplifting version of "Vertigo" which quickly brought the crowd to their feet as Bono prowled the stage with animal grace while Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Jr, showed why they are one of rock's all time best rhythm sections. Just when we though things were over the band launched into the classic "I Will Follow". To hear The Edge play his Gibson Explorer through his vintage EHX Memory Man was a real treat. After the set Clayton stated "Maybe now I can go back to bass playing." Overall an incredible evening for a truly amazing organization that helps so many amazing people.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Bounties "SU!" E.P. (

Barcelona, Spain based surf/indie rock band Bounties have created one of the most fun and upbeat E.P.'s you will hear all year. From the "in the pocket" sounds of lead off track "The Ocean" to the swaggering garage rock stance of "Mousetrap" you know you are in for something special. "Found You" is a sonic blast of early 90's style jangle pop while the thunderous stomp of "Hitchhiking" is sure to satisfy your need for no frills rock n roll. The quick paced "Aquella manera" sends things home in fine form as it's relentless tempo and savage blasts of fuzzed out guitars show you why Bounties are one of the most exciting bands on the planet. More please!!!

Hot Curl "Late Bloom" E.P. (

Brooklyn's Hot Curl deliver a vibrant mix of infectious indie rock that capitalizes on incredible song writing and lush, surf style guitar riffs. Opening track "Silver" glides along with atmospheric grace as Prescott Horn's stellar vocal delivery puts everything over the top. "Time To Go" is a bit more laid back and breezy but also has an underlying groove that drives the song along well, while "Warped" offers up a fine blend of indie pop and modern psych flavor. A remarkable effort that's refreshing, colorful and warm. Highly recommended.

Paper Daggers S/T E.P. (

These New York City shoegazers hit a home run on their 3 song self titled debut E.P. Paper Daggers are all about atmosphere and there's a lot of it swelling around these songs. The rich spaced out guitars and ethereal vocals give things an "other worldly" feel at times while still harnessing a strong balance of melodic riffs and true rock n roll swagger. A phenomenal trio of songs that dig at your soul and leave you wanting more.

Soccer Mommy "Allison" Single (Fat Possum)

Sophie Allison aka Soccer Mommy has released another track from her upcoming album "Collection". The song simply titled "Allison" is a delightful acoustic based number highlighted by Allison's beautiful voice. Comprising of reworked versions of some of her best Bandcamp releases, as well as a few new songs written, mixed and produced by Sophie herself, this record is a fine introduction to Soccer Mommy's sound. "Collection" is due out on August 4th courtesy of Fat Possum Records.

Swim Team S/T E.P. (

Ottawa, Ontario indie rock unit Swim Team make absolutely epic music. They also gel together perfectly as musicians as the arrangements and dynamics that move throughout this 3 song E.P. are brilliant from beginning to end. Tracks like "Snowbird" and "Westward" use intricate guitar work with a booming rhythm section to create moody yet hopeful feeling songs while "Aurora Boresadness" combines beautiful layers of atmospheric sound with heartfelt vocals and a passionate delivery that is sure to be one of the most intense songs you will hear anywhere. Hands down a truly incredible release. Get into it.

Yoo Doo Right E.P. 2 (

Montreal's Yoo Doo Right certainly have their own sound. Sure there are elements of shoegaze, post punk and kraut rock but on their latest E.P. they demonstrate their own brand of twisted, experimental sonic debauchery. The mind bending rhythms of "Whilst You Save Your Skins" and "Marche des Squelettes" are backed by a sea of hypnotic energy that sounds like it's being beamed in from another dimension while the three part piece known as "Apatride" moves from droning ambient soundscapes to a frantic surf inspired riff fest. One of the most original and inspiring releases I've heard in some time. Play this loud and play it often!!!

CMM : News And Notes For 6/22/17

U2 bassist Adam Clayton to be honored at the MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert in New York on June 26

MusiCares has announced that the 13th annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert will honor 22-time GRAMMY winner Adam Clayton of U2 at PlayStation Theater in New York on June 26. Clayton will receive the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award in recognition of his dedication and support of the MusiCares MAP Fund as well as his commitment to helping others with the addiction recovery process. Performers on the night include Jack Garratt, The Lumineers, Macy Gray and Michael Franti, with Cat Deeley hosting the evening plus a special performance by U2 to close out the night.

You People "Dropouts" Vinyl LP Available Now

You People "Dropouts" LP's are in and available now at "Since their debut performance, Boston’s, You People have been quietly amassing a tattered catalog of noise-pop songs with feedback-soaked brutality. Slashing guitar circles over fuzzed-out rhythm and poignant half-confessional/half-accusatory lyrics sung in 3 part harmony; the whole affair constantly threatening to run off the rails at any moment. 4 years of explosive creativity has resulted in You People throwing down a much-anticipated heavy classic that harkens back to albums that shaped the band as impressionable 80s youth. “Dropouts” available on 12/16/16 is You People’s first full-length album and is a celebration of life’s failures, as well as its tempered victories."

Dog. Paper. Submarine "Posthuman Melodies" Cassette Out Soon On CMM

Swedish indie rock/post punk powerhouse Dog. Paper. Submarine just released their crushing new album "Posthuman Melodies" and CMM will have the pleasure of releasing the record as a limited run cassette with a release date planned for Friday July 7th. Check out this action packed album right now.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Alan Vega "DTM" Single (Fader Label)

"DTM" is the first single from Alan Vega's new album "It". The record is his first posthumous album since his passing last summer and it is nothing short of classic. It's raunchy, distorted beat and Vega's trademark voice moving over top of the sea of industrial swing, literally gives me chills while listening. It's primal nature and no punches pulled stance are everything that's great about rock n roll. There will never be anyone else like Alan Vega. RIP.

Dog. Paper. Submarine "Post Human Melodies" LP (

Over the last two years Sweden's Dog. Paper. Submarine have truly become one of my favorite bands. Their thunderous power pop/indie rock approach and introspective songwriting abilities shine brightly on this brand new album titled "Post Human Melodies". Highlights include the high energy, sonic power of "Baby Machine, soothing acoustic based "Reason" and hook filled barn burner "Praise The New Bones". This is really a stacked album from begging to end. It never let's up, it just keeps pounding you with great song after great song. Get into it!!!

Highland Eyeway "Dark Waters/Xen" E.P. (

Vancouver based post punk/shoegaze unit Highland Eyeway impress on their latest two song E.P. Up first is the wandering feel of "Dark Waters" which captures the perfect balance of driving rock n roll intensity and moody ethereal bliss. It's got just the right amount of noise and grit to meshes perfectly with it's elegance and grace. "Xen" is even more hypnotic in delivery as it's pounding beat sets the pace while layers of dark psych filled sounds loom over a sea of blistering guitar leads. The two songs pair together in the perfect way making it one of the most intense and introspective new listening experiences you will hear all year. Highly recommended.

My Home Is The Sea S/T E.P. (

There are so many amazing bands coming out of Philly these days and My Home Is The Sea are no exception. Highlighted by the captivating vocal deliver of Natalie Wimberg their self titled debut E.P. offers up 5 spectacular songs full of top notch musicianship and diverse instrumentation. The passionate sounds of "Chase Something" offer up an "other worldly" flair to the mix as an infectious guitar riff carries you through a vast array of beautiful atmospheric sounds. There's a mysterious approach to tracks like "Do As your Told" and "No Ones Daughter" that really put things over the top. I've been enjoying these songs over and over and hear something new that I missed each time. The layers of sonic textures that flow throughout the tracks are sure to make a lasting impact on your psyche. Hands down one of the best records I've hear from beginning to end in some time.

Lee Ranaldo "Circular (Right As Rain)" Single (Mute)

Lee Ranaldo is back with this absolutely beautiful new single from his upcoming album "Electric Trim". It starts with a swirling sea of hypnotic sounds that move like psychedelic waves that echo the spirits of "Revolver" ear Beatles and The Byrds. Ranaldo's vocal phrasing shines in peak form and the songs arrangement is truly incredible. Can't wait to hear the rest of the record. "electric Trim" is due out September 15th courtesy of Mute Records.

Yucky Duster "The Ropes" Single (Infinity Cat Recordings)

This latest single and video from indie rockers extraordinaire Yucky Duster is simply second to none. Drawing from classic 60's psych ah la The beach Boys "The Ropes" is one of the bands best songs yet. It's catchy chorus and jangling guitars are subliminally infectious and sure to get you singing along in no time. Check a check a check it out.