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Friday, June 26, 2015

"Five For Friday" with Brighton Sound Designer Charles Pender

Hailing from Brighton, sound designer and experimental recording artist Charles Pender's latest E.P. "A Selection Of 4 Instruments" collects layers of other worldly sounds that come together to make an absolutely beautiful wash of audio euphoria. Look for a limited edition cassette release of the E.P. on CMM in late July. Charles shares some of his favorite songs in this weeks edition of "Five For Friday" but first enjoy his track "Xylophone".

Nicolas Jaar "No One Is Looking At You"

Nicolas Jaar has been a massive inspiration to me and many others over the time he has been around. He today released 20 tracks for free which are all high quality electronic beauties. This track was released this year part of a 3 track series, they all link into one another and have been crafted stunningly. His imagination and use of equipment is beyond anyone i know in the underground scene at the moment. A massive recommendation if you have never heard of him.

Talking Heads "This Must Be The Place Naive Melody"

One song always pops up over the weekend for me and i can always rely on it to get me through any constraints in my own music. David Byrne is truly a god of his time. And this track has stayed close to my heart for years. This gig also is one that will go down in history, so so magical.

Fennesz "Chateau Rouge [Touch]"

Fennesz is a super sound designer, he is one of the main reasons i dedicate my time and efforts in exploring the ins and outs of all of my equipment. He can make a beautiful soundscape from something so scratchy and derelict but it can still come off. A huge recommendation if you haven’t researched his music.

Autechre "Overland"

My favourite duo of all time, the mysterious Autechre. They have made album after album of pure excitement in dance music and new electronic studies. They constantly surprise and rise higher than most in the area they know best. Overand is pure bliss, a constant repetition of melody that fills me with joy.

Brian Eno "Discreet Music"

Even though its Friday i can’t help but not leave this masterpiece (in my opinion) out of my selection. Brain Eno has hit boundaries that many musicians aspire to be. Discreet music is possibly my favourite piece by him. I hope whoever reads this clicks on the link and sits back and enjoy one of my all time compositions. Thank you and have a lovely weekend. Charles Pender

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