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Friday, February 10, 2017

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Ethan Gruska "Reoccurring Dream" Single (

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Ethan Gruska is set to release his debut album "Slowmotionary" on March 3rd via Sire Records. The passion and honesty expressed on lead single "Reoccurring Dream" is as real as it gets. Gruska's bare bones acoustic guitar and clever hooks move beautifully next to the dark, haunting like vibe that looms underneath it all. It's the kind of song that leaves everything on the line right out of the gate and never looks back. “What I hope is that people can sense the vulnerability in the writing," Gruska says while reflecting on the album. “I didn’t want perfect. I wanted true. I wanted honest. I didn’t want to hide behind anything. That’s why it’s produced and arranged the way it is. It’s very barren at certain moments. These songs slow down time for me, which is why I called it Slowmotionary. I needed to put myself out there musically and lyrically.” What I enjoy most about "Reocurring Dream" is that it creates a realm and presence that is all it's own but one that anyone who has experienced love and heartbreak can easily relate to. It's like a love letter sent from the battleground of life and is a song sure to cement Gruska as one of the top new artists of 2017.

Guided By Voices "Hiking Skin" (Advance Track) (GBV Inc)

Guided By Voices are set to release a brand new album called "August By Cake" this coming Spring. The 32 track release will be the bands first double LP and it will also mark the 100th album from the bands founder/guru Robert Pollard. "Hiking Skin" is the albums fist single and it's as classic GBV as you can get all the way from the big bodied guitars and signature swing to Pollards trademark vocal delivery and the tracks no punches pulled 2 minutes or less time frame. Essential listening as always.

Meatbodies "Creature Feature" Single (

"Creature Feature" the latest single from Meatbodies brand new album "Alice" is a whirlwind of rock n roll chaos and deep psychedelia that brings to mind T Rex, Donovan and early Mercury Rev. It's got an intensely odd slant to it all that's backed by a swaggering groove that reeks with undeniable appeal. It also includes some of the best guitar manipulation and fuzz driven leads you will hear anywhere that are equally matched by the deranged vocal cadence that sends the track into psychedelic overdrive. "Alice" is available today courtesy of garage rock heavyweights In The Red Records.

Potential Red S/T E.P. (

Canadian post punk/new wave outfit Potenial Red strike big on this brand new 4 song E.P. Lead off track "Broken" is an energetic piece full of swirling soundscapes and chiming guitars that fans of The Smiths and The Cure are sure to enjoy as it gets things started in grand fashion. The gliding mood of "Day Dreaming" features a colorful blast of intricate instrumentation that sits well with it's lush angular stance while "Passive Wav." carries a striking presence that radiates with strength and beauty. All of the songs stick with a simple to the point time frame as the band keep things intriguing with each song, allowing just the right amount of room for experimentation. It's a style that chooses mystery and mood over flamboyance and flash. Overall a brilliant collection of songs from one of my favorite new bands.

The Red Shift "No One Else" Single (

There's a lot to love about The Red Shift from West Chester Ohio. Their blistering power pop/punk rock sound has been blasting through my speakers here at CMM headquarters for the last couple years and "No One Else', the first single from the bands upcoming debut album harnesses all the energy and spirit that I'm such a big fan of. It's driving guitars and relentless rhythm section are as crushing as ever and there is no shortage of melodic hooks throughout this blistering number either as the track references classic bands like Jawbreaker and Smoking Popes with a heavy dose of Buddy Holly for good measure. Play this loud, play this often and stay tuned for news on the upcoming album.

Trip Hill "Saucers" E.P. (

Italian psychedelic rock unit Trip Hill take you on a cosmic journey on their latest E.P. "Saucers". Things kick off with the lush, free spirited feel of "Try To Elevate Your Mind" which creates a cinematic world full of spaced outguitars and primal garage rock intensity. The more experimental dimension of "Redeemer" flows steadily alongside the deep introspective stance of "Saucers" while the organic sounds of "Electro-Domestico" makes for another flavorful offering. Everything seems to build to the epic masterpiece known as "Rollercoaster". It's mechanical rhythm and futuristic stance really shows just how incredible Trip Hill are and why they are one of the most impressive and prolific projects to come out of Italy in recent years.A must for fans of mind bending, innovative psychedelic rock n roll.

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