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Friday, December 18, 2015

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Citrus Clouds "In Time I Am" E.P. (

Citrus Clouds are an incredible new shoegaze/dream pop unit based in Phoenix Arizona. Their debut E.P. "In Time I Am" merges beautiful male/female vocals with a heavy dose of ethereal dive bombing guitars and a spot on rhythm section. "Anymore" sets the pace with it's chiming tones and atmospheric presence before lunching into the more menacing yet colorful attack of "Dreamer". Title track "In Time I Am" is an absolute gem. From it's spectacular vocal delivery, catchy hook and precise musicianship it's sure to have you singing along midway through the first listen. The grim tone of "Love Is" adds a much welcomed shade of grey to the mix while the uplifting spirit of "Forever Friends" makes it another one of the records stand out tracks. The blissful wash of "The Colors" and melody driven "Days Glow (circus fluffy elephant)" cap things off in fine form sending you off into a mystical jungle of vibrant psychedelic sounds that are welcoming and warm. A fine collection of reverb drench rock n roll from one of 2015's best new bands.

Cruiser "Pinner" B/W "Everybody Knows" Single (

An excellent new single from this promising indie rock unit out of Limerick, Ireland. "Pinner" is a guitar driven rocker that echoes the spirits of Dinosaur Jr, Gumball and Pavement. It's a full on barn burner, stacked with walls of distortion and fuzz that builds up to a frantic ear bleeding solo. It's got that classic college rock element to it that's charming and comforting and uplifting all at once. "Everybody Knows" is also a crushing blast of angst ridden rock that delivers in a big way. The pounding drum sounds really make this song as they add a huge dynamic to the already established nasty guitar tones and I enjoy the "matter of fact" vocal presence that's projected throughout the song as well. A top notch release that harnesses relentless energy. Highly recommended.

Jake And Elizabeth "Gimme The Stars" B/W "Heaven Knows Now" Single (

Brooklyn's Jake & Elizabeth offer up one of the best singles of 2015 with the enigmatic "Gimme The Stars". It's colorful wash of swirling guitars and passionate vocals are backed by a hypnotic riff that is second to none and it's shimmering assortment of sonic dynamics keep things vibrant and bright. "Heaven Knows How" is a lulling number that's textured ambient sound creates a glowing effect that you can feel throughout. It draws you in and cradles you with it's sea of flourishing tones that are peaceful and kind. A breathtakingly beautiful release that ventures into an other worldly like realm.

Rei Clone S/T E.P. (

Layers of angular guitars, dreamy and shouted vocals, hypnotic violins, thunderous bass lines and crushing percussion are what you will hear on this seven song debut E.P. from the Denton Texas based band Rei Clone. The grooved out riff of "senketsu" starts things off in grand fashion and sets the tone with it's dream inducing, liquid like flow. Fast paced songs like "Junketsu" and "Magical Girl" have a primal punk rock rhythm and energy that add a nice bit of diversity to the bands sound and give a bit of a nod to the D.C. post hardcore scene of the 90's. "Yuki" floats along with elegance and grace, while "Wash" is more drawn out, desolate and grey and closing track "So Slow" exemplifies classic mind bending indie pop. A most impressive E.P. that is heartfelt, experimental and intense.

See You At Home "Everything Is OK" E.P. (

London's, See You At Home play an enticing blend of indie rock and dream pop that adds in experimental elements and an eclectic nature that makes for a sound that's truly their own. The ambient flair of "Cherry Blossom" is an excellent opener and makes you wonder what will come next. "At Least The Weather's Nice" is a beautiful piece full of highly textured guitars and warm heartfelt vocals that's like a modern take on a song you might have heard in a classic John Hughes film. The mood of "Postmodern Art" really projects a spirit and passion that is open and honest while my favorite track has to be the uplifting "Open Frames" with it's long drawn out guitar chords that seem to move through you and the dainty percussion leading up to the end. Hands down a brilliantly executed debut.

Tired Eyes "Static" (

Tired Eyes submerge you in a wash of reverb drenched guitars and shoegaze swagger on their stellar new E.P. "Static". Opening track "Smile" is a slow paced blast of enlightening sounds that are packed with intensity and psychedelic undertones. Next up is a stunning cover of Local Natives "Mt. Washington" as the band certainly do justice to the original and add their own flavor of atmospherics and shimmering nuances while "The Static Spoke" is like waking up in a field in the middle of nowhere with a sky full of stars shining down upon you. It's a wonderful ending to a wonderful E.P. that leaves me wanting more.

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