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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

CMM's 40 Favorite Songs of 2015

2015 was an incredible year for music and I'm so happy I got to experience so much of it. There were many many bands worthy of being on this list so it was hard to break it down to just 40 tracks but I wanted to share a collection of songs that really inspired me this year. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do. Looking forward to another music filled year in 2016.

1. Blessed Child Opera "We Can't Be Rivals Of God"

The stunning first single off of the new Blessed Child Opera album "The Devil & The Ghosts Dissolved" is a dark, emotional journey and one of the most intense songs I have ever heard. You can feel the passion in the voice of BCO mastermind Paolo Messere and the power that is harnessed throughout this track is simply immeasurable.

2. Clustersun "Antagonize Me"

Although this track has not been officially released yet, Clustersun played it regularly during their U.S. tour this past Spring. I had an incredible time with them as they played shows throughout the North East and wowed new fans with the warm atmospherics and energy showcased throughout this song. Excited about their new album due out in early 2016.

3. Elora "Fuego"

My favorite song from the bands debut album "Tu". I got to spend three wonderful weeks with these guys on tour in the U.S. this past October and the highlight of every show was getting to hear them blast this one out in fine form sending the audience home happy each night.

4. Terra "I Fold"

Hands down the best melodic punk rock n roll song of the year. From their high energy E.P. "Couldn't Save This" these guys emerged as one of 2015's best new bands with a sound that echoes the spirits of Wire, The Cure and Killing Joke.

5. Blue Movie "Kuroi Karasu"

Certainly one of the most breathtaking tracks of 2015 London's Blue Movies made their mark with this beautiful and enigmatic song that takes you on a psychedelic journey of epic proportions.

6. Mayflower Madame "Into The Haze"

This psychedelic mind bender creates a vibe that is intense, dark and down right haunting. The thunderous bass, driving drums, ethereal guitar tones and cold vocal attack harness an amazing combination of post punk, goth and psych sounds to create a style all it's own.

7. Monarch Mtn "At Dawn Three Michael's"

A truly moving song from this Colorado based singer songwriter. The flourishing guitars accompany Logan's voice perfectly and create a blissful and breathtaking mood that's uplifting and warm.

8. Comasummer "Out Of The Sun"

A magical track that merges a classic psych sound with a melodic garage rock approach and shoegaze tendencies to bring a fresh take on no frills rock n roll.

9.Animal Holograms "Hello My Dark"

A brilliant balance between moody and blissful territory. The grinding, dirge like sounds shift into a bright, beautiful stretch of dreamy shoegaze that is simply phenomenal.

10. Hot Glew "If I Let You Inside My Mind"

Can't say enough good things about this track. It's like an experimental take on a classic 70's pop song. Rich atmospherics, an infectious beat and mysterious vocals that take you on a thought provoking ride one listen at a time.

11. ATOMBOMB "When the Spirit Wanes"

Stellar guitar work and passionate vocals backed by a top notch rhythm section make this one of the stand out tracks of the year. It's full of intensity as the song builds and builds to a euphoric peak that's colorful and free.

12. The Red Shift "Perfume"

A wonderful offering of stripped down pop punk that reminds me of Jawbreaker, J Church and early Husker Du. Brilliant!!!

13. Howling Cloud "Acid Rain"

A track that defines experimentation. The minimal piano and ambient tones that surround this piece are truly inspiring. I hear something different with each listen. The perfect soundtrack for the opening of a brand new world.

14. Everyone But Me "Say Farewell"

My favorite track from this new shoegaze/dream pop units debut E.P. The blissful guitars and looming vocals sound like they are being beamed down from outer space. A wonderful track that sits well next to some of my favorite shoegaze classics.

15. Shark Logic "Penny"

A dark abrasive industrial tinged track that's hard hitting and cold. "Penny" is both soothing and harsh at the same time and really sets the pace for a band that should be making incredible music for years to come.

16. She Rides Tigers "Roll With It"

Simply put this is one of the most catchy and infectious songs of the year. The fuzzed out guitar tone, rolling bass line and pounding drums are top notch and and the song writing is damn near perfect. A true indie rock anthem.

17. Jen Hingley "It's In Your Eyes"

An amazing blast of 90's inspired indie rock bliss. The pounding drums and sonic guitar tones sit perfectly alongside Hingely's inspiring voice.

18. Future Women "Demille"

One of the most aggressive songs I've heard in some time. This Chicago psych/shoegaze unit add a bit more grime to their sound than most. The vocals and guitars move as one with the crushing rhythm section to make an intense blast of sonic rock n roll mayhem that destroys anything in it's path.

19. Wild Wants "Regret Collector"

A delightful indie pop number with surf and psych undertones. The hooks are undeniably catchy and this song just makes you feel good.

20. Oblio "Florida"

Inspiring track from this Oakland unit that has it's own unique sound and charm. Played this one a lot this past summer at high volume to much delight.

21. Edward Jakenssen "Teleor"

One of Edward's more stripped down lo-fi tracks that works so well. I've been hooked on it since the first listen. Bravo!!!

22. Absent Sound "Meaniac!"

This is one of the most complex tracks I've ever heard. From the beat that seems like it's constantly evolving to the layers of sound that weave through your mind like a hypnotic daydream this track is cunning and intense.

23. Dog, Paper, Submarine "New Light"

These guys can flat out bring it and "New Light" is a prime example of the high energy rock n roll Dog. Paper. Submarine. create with fury. Blazing guitars, pounding drums and maniacal bass lines matched by quirky and charming vocals that tie it all together.

24. A Deer a Horse "Fighter"

A Deer A Horse are the complete package that take no prisoners when it comes to making straight up no frills rock n roll. "Fighter" is tops!!!

25. The Gooch Palms "Slow Burner"

"Slow Burner" is absolutely stellar from the pounding drums to the ripping guitar riff to the anthem like vocals I can't get enough of this one. A wonderful combo of garage rock, doom rock and synth pop.

26. Jack Hardy "Hole In The"

New Orleans based musician Jack Hardy delivers big on this guitar driven lo-fi masterpiece from his 2015 E.P. "Slipped". One of the best up and coming artists going today.

27. Chayce Halley "Agoraphobia"

This song always makes me think of a psychedelic carnival as it has a mystical element to it that's other worldly. The experimental sounds that dance around Chayce's vocal delivery are simply incredible.

28. Tuval "Washingmachine"

A triumphant piece of experimental bliss. Really inspiring track from this Brighton UK artist that's not afraid to push the envelope.

29. Lazy Queen "Wouldn't You Rather Know Yourself?"

Loud, chaotic and high energy shoegaze/alt rock from Brooklyn backed by an aggressive beat, in your face vocals and thick fuzzed out guitars.

30. Twin "Exponential"

An intense track from this indie folk duo that never cease to amaze me each time I play this track. The vocal delivery is off the chart and the musicianship is top notch.

31. Spirit System "Cadence Of Commotion"

Excellent track from the bands "Afterblume" E.P. It's dark, catchy and uplifting and features one of my favorite vocal performances of teh year alongside some seriously menacing guitar work and one of the best rhythm sections in the game.

32. Night Shapes "Nocturnal Flight"

An incredible fusion of dark psych, art rock and experimental mayhem.

33. Pain In The Yeahs "Esoterica"

My favorite PITY track yet. The pulsating drum machine beats and dark hooks throughout are both crushing and infectious.

34. Aura Blaze "It's A Ride"

Amazing psychedelic pop that channels ELO, The Beatles and Tommy James. Amazing musicianship and songwriting and brilliant production.

35. Kromo "AC 10 Infinite"

An inspiring ambient piece from one of my favorite new artists. The colorful textures that are created throughout are both haunting and beautiful.

36. Ballad Of Geraldine "I Want You"

Another one of my favorite new bands out of Germany. No frills rock n roll backed by a pounding hypnotic groove.

37. Leaf "Wait Until"

Awesome song from this Los Angeles based band that brings to mind the likes of Dinosaur JR. and Buffalo Tom. The drums and bass lay a smooth foundation for the nasty fuzzed out guitar and laid back vocal approach.

38. Loyebyrd "Shot From The Sun"

This is just a fun song all around. Classic psych/pop that will have you singing along in no time. Also love the phaser driven guitar that flows throughout the track.

39. Seven tin Stars "Skyline To Reorder"

Soothing shoegaze/dream pop that flows through you with each listen. A truly blissful song that's highly textured guitar work and mysterious vocals a the perfect track for a long walk on a refreshing Spring day.

40. Farewell Fox "Alone"

I love the elements of chaos and mystery that surround this song. It's experimental it's psychedelic and it's a song you should be listening to right now!!!

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