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Friday, August 21, 2015

"Five For Friday" with Neal Bricker and Brenden Black of Dead Scouts

Lancaster Pennsylvania's Dead Scouts combine elements of punk, surf, psych and hardcore to make an energetic sound that's truly their own. The bands latest release "Natural Sound" is available from their band camp page at Bassist/Vocalist Neal Bricker and Guitarist/Vocalist Brenden Black share some of their favorite albums in this weeks edition of "Five For Friday", but first listen to Dead Scouts song "Worthless".

Saetia "a retrospective" (Brenden)

This album really got me playing and more interested in music. It taught me to stop being so miserable and to take that energy and turn it into music. I remember getting waves of pins and needles down my back listening to it and emotionally getting tied into it. That set a precedent that the music should be more than cool beats and badass words. You should feel it and be able to tie your inner-self in with it.

Magrudergrind S/T (Brenden)

My favorite album I can listen to it over and over. Always gets me moving and keeps me going. Always gets you anticipated and worked up for the climax. They can do it even with just a couple seconds of build up time. Album keeps pushing forward till the end.

Les Savy Fav "Let's Stay Friends" (Neal)

This band is everything I want to be. I only can listen to albums from start to finish and when I started straying away from 3 chord punk rock and hardcore this album completely took over everything I was listening to. This album has some of my favorite and what I think is the best guitar work on it. Also the lyrics are so deep and real some songs almost bring you to tears reciting the words. The sound is so unique. This band rules hands down.

the Ravonettes "Lust Lust Lust." (Neal)

I don't know where to start with this one. The moment I heard this album everything changed. This band is one of the reasons I wanted to get together with Brenden and wrtie. I really like bands where its one main person doing everything. Ravonettes has Sune Rose Wagner and Sharon Foo. Those two make some amazing albums. Although they are a recent band they are definitely more influential than The Jesus and Mary Chain. Listen for yourself.

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers "LAMF" (Neal)

Like a mother fucker. I've been listening to punk rock for the last 10 years and this album will always stick as one of the best albums. This album taught me that simplicity is key. I'll always be influenced by punk rock. I don't listen to this album much anymore but its definitely something I could throw on and it'd take me back. And even forward. Albums should be timeless and every song should be as good as the last. No fillers.

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