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Friday, June 5, 2015

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

A Violet Pine "Gloves Out" Single (

A Violet Pine are one my favorite new bands out of Italy and their new single "Gloves Out" is straight up incredible. The band build both aggressive and atmospheric guitar tones around an infectious beat and thunderous bass line. Giuseppe Procida's hypnotic voice draws you in further with it's dark, cinematic presence. The blasts of electronic percussion and experimental tones only add to the brilliance of the song. A top track from an amazing band. Can't wait for the new album due out in the Fall of this year.

Baby Honey "Full" B/W "Love Bludger" Single (

Two beautiful songs from this new project out of Perth Australia. Both tracks feature the swirling guitar sounds of Matthew Clayton alongside Rebecca Williams captivating voice. "Full" is an uptempo piece submerged in underwater sounding tones and lavish textures. It's certainly got a pleasant uplifting feel to it that's highly enjoyable. "Love Bludger" has more intricate guitar playing and a bit more of a straight forward riff while the vocals continue to shine through. A promising debut for fans of "Isn't Anything" era MBV, The Swrilies and Loop.

Dazeys "Good Fortune" E.P. (

Very impressive debut from this Nevada City California band. Fueled by the incredible dual vocal harmonies of Gracie Schatz and Kelly Patton "Good Fortune" is made up of seven surf pop/garage rock tracks released just in time for Summer. The lo-fi guitar tones and laid back percussion serve the songs well. Stand out tracks "Ridein' The Tide" and "Bummer Summer" echo the spirits of classic groups like The Shangri-Las and The Paris Sisters. "Mother Of Pentacles" has a more modern indie rock twist to it with aggressive guitars that add a hint of feedback and distortion while "Star Walkin'" is more of a straight up folk number. The variations between each of the tracks really compliment one another well. Truly delightful on all levels.

Savage Cut "I Can Kill You With My Brain" B/W "Take It" Single (

Hailing from Scotland, Savage Cut offer up a unique brand of experimental rock n roll madness. "I Can Kill You With My Brain" is full of haunting samples and angular guitar riffs backed by a pounding rhythm section. It's a very numbing track that reminds me of a lost song from the "Doom Generation" Soundtrack. "Take It" begins with a chilling round of feedback that breaks into a driving beat and syncopated guitar riff. It's got a vibe that falls someplace between Ministry, Negativeland and ZZ Top. There's an underlying sinister element to it all that really draws me in and led to repeated listening. Highly recommended indeed.

Sleepercub EP 1 (

Sleepercub make warm and soothing soundscapes that send you into other worldly like territory throughout this five song debut E.P. After setting the pace with an intriguing introduction the band dive into "Rain Through" which is a heart felt dream pop piece full of lavish male/female vocal harmonies. "Those Lights" harnesses a collection of ambient tones that are both rich and comforting. "Most Of Me" features a vibrant pulsating drum machine alongside some classic analog synthesizer flair. The E.P. is capped off with the epic sounds of "My Hands, Your Shape" which returns you safely home after a thought provoking musical journey. Overall a delightful listening experience that's both beautiful and inspiring.

Tonewood Sky "Thoughts Within" E.P. (

Musician Alex Murphy began making music as Tonewood Sky last year. His debut E.P. "Thoughts Within" features some top notch guitar based instrumentals that are just plain fun to listen to. "Forever In A Day" has a jovial vibe to it and I love the phaser effect he uses on the guitars throughout the track. "Lost For Words" is more delicate and spaced out. It reminds me a little of the Ace Frehley instrumental "Fractured Mirror". Not so much in the tone or notes but in it's overall ambient presence. The addition of a piano on "Endless Oceans" adds a really nice touch to the piece and accompany the cagey guitar bends well, while "City Of Snow" showcases the pure musicianship of Murphy. It's a moody, technical piece that blurs the lines between ambient soundscapes and math rock. "Sundown" closes out the E.P. and add's some elements of jazz to the mix with it's melancholy electric piano sounds and shuffling beat. "Thoughts Within" is an amazing collection of work that leaves me wondering what will come next from the evolving musical world of Tonewood Sky.

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