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Friday, December 28, 2018

CMM's 10 Favorite Albums of 2018

1. Courtney Barnett "Tell Me How You Really Feel"

I Probably played this album 1,000 times this year. So many amazing songs that really speak to you. The record really cements Courtney as one of the best new songwriters around.

2. Joan Of Arc "1984"

One of the bands best yet. Songs like "Real Punk Kid" and "Tiny Baby" combine experimental elements with traditional songwriting in the finest way possible.

3. Body/Head "The Switch"

This album is full of amazing hypnotic, mind bending noise and I can't get enough. The tracks really take you to another place with each and every listen.

4. Merzbow "Exoking"

Another masterpiece from the king of noise. Amazing tones and beautiful packaging as always.

5. Alles Club "D├ęcollage"

This album is truly EPIC. I really can't say enough great things about it. Highly original and inspiring.

6. Statue "Casper"

Amazing guitar and drum tones fill this album alongside incredible musicianship and song arrangements. Top notch across the board.

7. Guided By Voices "Space Gun"

Another stellar album from the most prolific band in the world. Lead singles "Space Gun" and "See My Field" are instant GBV classics.

8. Frankie Teardrop Dead "All You Need Is Love And Fucking Peace"

One of the most colorful and uplifting psychedelic records of the year. Can't get enough of this one.

9. Netherlands "Black Gia"

Another skull crushing release from this NYC metal/sci-fi unit. Intense and menacing with a twist of new wave energy.

10. Casino Garden "Ride"

A brilliant blend of shoegaze and psychedelia. One of the most beautiful albums of 2018.


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