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Thursday, December 20, 2018

CMM's 18 Favorite Songs of 2018

This year was full of some truly incredible songs from new up and coming artists as well as established bands we already know and love . It was hard to narrow this down but here are 18 of my favorite songs from 2018.

1. Joan Of Arc "Real Punk Kid"

A true anthem. One of the most heartfelt and uplifting songs I've heard in years. Vibrant, intense and powerful.

2. Courtney Barnett "Charity"

Such a catchy track with some of the best lyrics I heard all year. Very uplifting yet melancholy at the same time. My favorite track from Courtney's latest album "Tell Me How You Really Feel".

3. Spiritualized "I'm Your Man"

Incredible dynamics, lyrics that hit home and one of the best guitar solos you will ever hear.

4. Witch Watch "Seconds"

A down right infectious song from this Minneapolis based band. Don't be surprised if you find yourself humming along to this halfway through the first listen. Golden.

5. Superchunk "Eraser"

What a hook. This band just gets better and better with age. Probably sang along to this 1,000 times this year. Sooooo good.

6. Guide By Voices "Space Gun"

Another classic from the most prolific band in rock n roll. Amazing video directed by the incredibly talented Hunter Christy.

7. Mayflower Madame "Premonition"

Another dark, mysterious and truly hypnotic number from Noway's premier psych/goth unit.

8. Jon Spencer "Do The Trash Can"

Pure rock n roll madness. What more would you expect from this garage rock mastermind.

9. Frankie Teardrop Dead "Joy In Division"

Psychedelic, uplifting, mind bending bliss from this London based Psychedelic rock unit. One of the many highlights from their album "All You Need Is Love And Fucking Peace".

10. Valita "Vines"

Powerfully haunting in the most amazing way possible.

11. Casino Garden "Ride"

This song radiates with a unique power and energy like no other. Can't wait to hear what this band does next.

12. Wet Dreams "Bad Boy"

It doesn't get much more rock n roll than this. Do yourself a favor and annihilate your speakers with this one

13. Body/Head "You Don't Need"

A droning, mind bending masterpiece from this experimental guitar duo made up of Kim Gordon and Bill Nace.

14. Deaf Wish "FFS"

So much energy. Killer guitar tones and tons of swagger. Play loudly.

15. Jess Williamson "I See The White"

One of the most well crafted and well performed tracks of 2018. Delightful in every way.

16. Cushing "Snow Angel"

Cushing bring the menace once again with this cagey dirty track from their latest release "Blood Of Cushing".

17. Forth Wanderers "Nevermine"

I love the pace and cadence of this song. A stunning vocal performance that stands over brilliant layers of melodic guitars.

18. Statue "E"

Amazing fuzz guitar sounds, great arrangement and energy. A true gem from the bands latest album "Casper".

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