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Friday, July 31, 2015

"Five For Friday" with Brett Keller of Hot Glew

Hot Glew is the brainchild of Nashville Musician Brett Keller. The projects debut album "May I Come In" takes you on a beautiful journey through sonic landscapes that are coated with psychedelic traces and a dream like atmosphere.The album will be released as a limited edition cassette through CMM in mid August. Brett shares some of his favorite songs in this weeks edition of "Five For Friday" but first listen to his track "If I Let You In My Mind".

Big Wave Rider by Rainbow Bridge

This song builds like a 50 foot wave ramping up behind you and you have two options. 1, you can let this wave crash down on you and send you to the bottom of the ocean, or 2, embrace it and ride it all the way to the end. I don’t know much by this band but this was the first song I heard off of a 7 inch they put out with True Panther and I have been hooked on it ever since. If you find this 7 inch, listen to it at both speeds (45rpm and 33rpm).

Barely Speak by Cult Choir

This is my boy Shane’s band. When he sent me this video and asked what I thought about it with the song, I was taken back to my hometown in Lancaster, PA. All the shots of longtime friends and scenery that I grew up with made this video instantly resonate with me. It didn’t hurt that the song is badass as well. It dances, it dreams, and it leaves me wanting more. Check out the rest of the music from Cult Choir at:

Grass to Pass the Time by Emotional

Upon first listen this song sounds like a big mess of noise, but after you listen to it a few more times you start hear all the parts in the song and understand the lyrics. When this happened for me I couldn’t get enough of this song. A great lo-fi jammer for a stony day.

Woke Up Feeling Like Sleeping by Juan Wauters

This is a song that everyone can sympathize with. Juan Wauters has an amazing ability to write a catchy, simple song without repeating himself. I recently went to a show with my friend Shawn Keklak (lookout for his music soon: “The Eskays”) and we were saying how the middle of the song will forever be engrained into our brains. Something about a simple melody, simple instrumentation, and simple lyrics that never gets old to me. If you dig this song, check out the rest of his material.

Crystal Tears by 猫 シ Corp

Came across this gem when I was looking through the Plastic Response Bandcamp page. I couldn’t tell if it was new, old, one guy, 100 guys, made in America, or made somewhere far far away from here. Honestly, I still don’t know anything about this music but then again, it doesn’t really matter. Good tunes is good tunes. Vibe out to this one.

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