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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

6 Singles CMM Wants You To Know

Committ "Take A Trip" (

"Take A Trip" is an ambient spacey rock n roll track with a thunderous riff that reminds me of Hawkwind mixed with the guitar sounds from The Buck Pets "Mercurotones".The pulsating electronics throughout and the overall hypnotic feel are enhanced even more by the haunting feedback that echoes in the distance. There is a strong cinematic element to this that opens your subconscious as if Robert Fripp collaborated with Tangerine Dream. Highly recommended!!!

Gillbanks "Anxious?" (

Impressive debut single from this new band out of London. "Anxious?" starts out with a melancholy riff that builds into a powerful blast of distorted guitar and pounding drums that may be best described as Brit-Pop on steroids. Think the quiet to loud sides of The Pixies and Nirvana with a heavy dose of Radiohead. The vocals are full of intensity and grit and the production is spot on.If this song is any sign of what their upcoming full length is going to be like then the album will be nothing short of stellar.

Icebeing "Pools" (

A most excellent mix of crushing shoegaze and 60's psychedelia. The dive bombing guitar sounds on this are down right nasty yet there's a delightful pop melody that connects it all together that reminds me of The London Suede. Still my favorite part of the track is the bridge that delves into a straight psychedelic daydream in the spirit of "Sgt. Pepper", "The Hurdy Gurdy Man" and Barrett era Floyd. Breathtakingly good.

LOVEBYRD "Shot From The Sun" (

A top notch psych-pop track in the vein of Lemon Pipers, The First Edition, The Pretty Things & The Animals. I'm loving the catchy fuzzed out guitar riff and go go like beat that backs the song. "Shot From The Sun" also includes one of the best vocal performances I've heard in some time. Great range and swagger from start to finish.

Stereoma "I Was Made For You" (

Stereoma out of Lancaster PA offer up another excellent song with their latest single "I Was Made For You". Nicholas O. Curran's reverb drenched vocals and chiming xylophone reflect the sounds of The Chordettes "Mr. Sandman" if it where being covered by Jesus And Mary Chain. Inspiring, dreamy and truly beautiful.

Wark "Crime (

Wark is the moniker of Marc Claproth, a young musician out of L.A. County. His debut single "Crime" carries a ton of weight bringing to mind such classic bands as Echo And The Bunnymen and The Sound paired with a modern Interpol type twist. Gloomy vocals loom over an organic flow of gazed out surf guitar and an infectious in the pocket foundation of bass and drums. "Crime" is cagey and angular, moody and catchy and adds a much welcomed freshness to the modern indie pop sound.

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