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Friday, August 22, 2014

Five For Friday with Jan-Dirk Platek of We Deserve This

We Deserve This was founded in late 2010 by Jan-Dirk Platek. The multi-instrumentalist plays and records his music on his own in different locations in Germany. It`s a one man project. For the upcoming live presentation Jan has 5 other musicians who help him in creating a wall-of-sound on stage. Here Jan presents five songs to help jump start your weekend but 1st check out "Beta" by We Deserve This from the new Custom Made Music Fall Sampler.


Chvrches are a three piece electro band from Glasgow, Scotland. It`s synth pop at its best with lots of references to the good old eighties. Lauren Mayberry`s voice is crystal clear and sounds really beautiful when she`s singing the best pop-hooks since 1984. Ian Cook (programing/bass) is a former member of the great band Aereogramme. If you like to get into a weekend mood, this is the safest way to get there. Pumping beats combined with punching bass lines will get your hips swinging. I promise.

HANDSOME - Dim The Lights

Handsome just released one album back in 1997 and it`s a fact that they invented the whole Post-Hardcore genre (together with the unforgetable Quicksand). Back in the days this album was reviewed all over the world because of the guitarist Peter Mengede (Ex-Helmet). This album is a real classic because it combines the heavyness of Helmet with a certain Pop Appeal from singer Jeremy Chatelain. It`s hard to pick a song because the whole album just slays. Whenever you need a good, powerful and catchy Guitar driven song, please choose this album. It works.

The Clouds Will Clear - Amygdalae

The Clouds Will Clear is a two-piece instrumental rock band from Frankfurt am Main/Germany and they just released their new self titled EP. If you need a little break from the weekend and you just want to relax, then this is the perfect soundtrack to let your thoughts flow. Perfect arrangement of great songs, always with a little melancholy and hope. You will love the guitar harmonies, piano lines and the rhythm section. Never mind, there are no vocals in the classical way - just samples and spoken word. You will love it.

FAILURE - Smoking Umbrellas

What should I tell you about Failure? I think everyone knows Ken Andrews rough emotional voice over a wall of sound. Yeah, they will come back, two new songs are up on their bandcamp page and both are out of another dimension. Space Rock like no one else could do it. This Track is from their album "Fantastic Planet". The album title says it all: We must live on a fantastic planet because when such great music blasts out of your stereo, you know it: It`s a fantastic planet. Turn it up loud when you start your weekend. You will never forget it.


This song is the perfect sunday fade out song. Just when you`re head hurts on a cloudy, rainy sunday morning turn on this beautiful piano melody. Hauschka is a german pianist and he is well known for his work with the prepared piano. This melody is so deeply wonderful and sad, that you might find it relaxing to listen to this masterpiece all alone with a good coffee. If silence has a melody then "Craco" fits perfectly. Come on, the weekend is almost over...relax a little bit. Monday always comes too soon.

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