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Friday, December 8, 2017

CMM's 17 Favorite Videos of 2017

The year was full of amazing songs and some equally amazing videos. It was tough to narrow it down to just a few but here are my 17 favorite video clips from 2017.

1. The Psychotic Monks "It's Gone"

The band name says it all as "It's Gone" is truly one of the most intense tracks and videos you will come across anywhere. The Paris based dark psych unit are a relentless force to be reckoned with and this lead single from their album "Silence Slowly and Madly Shines" is sure to melt faces with each and every listen.

2. Palehound "Flowing Over"

Damn this is a good song from an amazing album and who couldn't love a video made up of footage from "The Boston League Of Women's Wrestlers". Brilliant in every sense of the word.

3. Death Valley Rally "Until It Melts Away"

Fresh off a west coast tour with Citrus Clouds Virginia's Death Valley Rally have been impressing audiences new and old with their latest album "Northern Lights". Lead single "Until It Melts Away" creates the perfect combination of indie pop and shoegaze while the captivating video draws you in and gives you even more of a sense of what this band is all about.

4. Citrus Clouds "Life Happens"

Delightful from beginning to end Phoenix Arizona's Citrus Clouds impress again with this devastatingly beautiful video clip for "Life Happens" directed by Anthony Sziklay.

5. Ty Segall "Break A Guitar"

A most impressive riff and a relentless rock n roll stance throughout are what makes me come back to this clip time and time again.

6. Washed Out "The Mister Mellow Show"

Incredible record and unbelievable visuals/art/animation that is just mind melting. I've watched this countless times and am happy I got to see this performed in a live setting as well.


Timo Ellis is one of the most talented and most proficient musicians going today and I love everything he makes be it the dirge driven "atomic punk"/metal with The Netherlands or this amazing solo track and frantic video that literally never lets up till the very end.

8. Elora "Carlo"

I couldn't be more proud of these guys. "Carlo" from their latest album "Dembitsky" is one of my favorites from the record and this video makes me miss my days being out on the road all over the USA with these guys.

9. The Morelings "Before"

Beautiful thought provoking track with visuals that accompany things perfectly. Come dive into their world of mysterious shoegaze bliss.

10. Klute "Far From You"

I can't get enough of this bands 3 chord, catchy punk rock madness and I love the grit and grain of this video. Taken from their new album "No Youth" these guys show no signs of slowing down when it comes to making some of the most inspiring rock n roll on the planet.

11. Potential Red "Broken"

A delightful track that merges indie pop and shoegaze in fine form. The stunning visuals and chiming guitars blend together so well.

12. Benjamin Gibbard "The Concept"

A great take on the classic Teenage Fanclub song by Deathcab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard. I love the simplicity of this animated video and all the little nuances and details it puts out.

13. Lee Ranaldo ""Circular (Right As Rain)"

I read a lot of interviews where Lee talked about how much of an enjoyable experience making this record was and besides this being an incredible song I also love the video because it captures so much of that recording experience in it and all of the fun the people who made it were having in the studio.

14. This Blinding Light "Star"

Taken from their latest E.P. "Mountains", "Star" is an infectious blast of no frills rock n roll that's backed by an undeniable groove and laced with traces of dark psych and shoegaze sensibilities. This colorful and hypnotic video enhances the performance even more.

15. La Terminal - Besando El Suelo (con letra)

A crushing blast of no frills post punk rock n roll backed by a simple yet enticing video that stirs up plenty of mystical vibes.

16. Waxahatchee "Silver"

Clearly one of the best songs of 2017. Amazing lyrics and big dynamic guitar sounds throughout. I love the lulling effect that the video gives off as it captures the band performing but also adds a sense of peacefulness to the presentation that works really well.

17. faUSt "Lights Flickr"

From their latest album "Fresh Air", "Lights Flickr" features the lyrics "Lights Flickr as I blink my eyes to the beat to the beat to the beat" as a frantic saxophone and sea of feedback blast over top of a thunderous beat. Simply put the video is equally as INSANE. What more could you ask for???

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