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Friday, April 14, 2017

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Mark Lanegan Band "Nocturne" Single (

A cagey darkness looms throughout the latest Mark Lanegan Band single "Nocturne". It's haunting, it's primal and it carries a significant amount of weight throughout. Lanegan's stern, stoic voice is surrounded by layers of glistening synths and tension filled guitar leads. There's an industrial type flair that falls underneath everything and gives it a sense of danger and mystery. It's a brilliant performance that draws you in and leaves you on a never ending road lost in the middle of nowhere as you long to find your way back home. The new Mark Lanegan Band album "Gargoyle" will be out on April 28th via Heavenly Recordings.

Niko Yoko "I Love N.Y." E.P. (

Paris based indie pop outfit Niko Yoko return with a spectacular new E.P. of catchy uptempo tracks that will have you singing along in no time. Opening number "Casual Friday" is full of melody and charm and sports a head nodding beat while "Sunday Girl" makes great use of full bodied guitar chords that sparkle from start to finish. "Sun Down" is the perfect song for spring as it's effects driven riff and rich harmonies make an impact alongside waves of atmospheric bliss. Everything winds down with the gliding sounds of "To The Metro Void" which sweeps you away with it's classic brand of shimmering 3 chord indie pop proficiency. A top notch release that comes highly recommended.

Tall Tall Trees "SeagullxEagle" Single (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Tall Tall Tress really impress with this new single and video from their latest album "Freedays". It makes me think what it would have been like if Marc Bolan and Roy Clark had joined Donovan and The Beatles on their journey to India to embrace the teachings of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and a late night jam session had been recorded. There's an inviting glow and warm energy that surrounds the track, welcoming you into a world that's enlightening, happy and psychedelic. The instrumentation is also off the charts as a sea of strings and an infectious bass line blend beautifully with founder Mike Savino's signature banjo playing and uplifting vocal presence. An excellent track from an amazing album. Get into it.

The Afghan Whigs "Demon In Profile" Single (Sub Pop)

The Afghan Whigs honestly do things they have never done on their upcoming album "In Spades" and "Demon In Profile" is a prime example of this. It's soulful, powerful vibe harnesses a certain anthem like quality that sprinkles in a touch of classic 70's glam. It's a truly inspiring track that showcases a seasoned band and all that they have learned since their inception in 1986. Whigs co-founder/bassist John Curley stated “Over the course of a lifetime, there are constants, and there’s also change. You see who’s dropped off the vine – who’s going in reverse, and who’s still by your side. It’s interesting to see where life takes you, and where it doesn’t. That’s the journey and it hasn’t stopped.”. "In Spades" will be out May 5th courtesy of Sub Pop.

The Melvins "A Walk With Love and Death" (Trailer)

So "A Walk With Love and Death" The Melvins first ever double LP and accompanying short film are still a few months away from release but I couldn't help write a bit about it and it's inspiring trailer. This Jesse Nieminen directed short looks to be a mind scrambling epic in the greatest possible way. According to drummer Dale Crover, “A Walk With Love and Death is one giant, dark, moody, psychotic head trip! Not for the faint of heart. You'll sleep with the lights on after listening”. Vocalist/Guitarist Buzz Osborne added “This was a huge undertaking. All three things: the album, the soundtrack and the film are benchmarks for us”. "A Walk With Love And Death" will be available July 7th courtesy of Ipecac recordings.

Thurston Moore "Smoke Of Dreams" Single (

"Smoke Of Dreams" the latest single from Thurston Moore's new album "Rock N Roll Consciousness" is a hazy, laid back number that reflects on his times in New York City and the underlying mystic of the past that surrounds it. Moore's trademark guitar sounds and matter of fact vocal stance create an ethereal mood that's backed by Steve Shelly's always incredible drumming. There's a bit of a cathartic element to the song as if Moore is giving you a tour of his old haunts and allowing a bit of insight into a lost world. It's warm, introspective and undeniably essential.

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