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Friday, March 31, 2017

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Aimee Mann "Goose Snow Cone" Single (

From her days in 80's new wave outfit 'Til Tuesday and throughout her prolific solo career I've always enjoyed Aimee Mann's music. "Goose Snow Cone" the lead single from her latest solo album "Mental Illness" features Mann's trademark vocal delivery backed by beautiful strings, acoustic guitar and sleigh bells. Mann talked a bit more about the track via her facebook page stating "“I wrote “Goose Snow Cone” when I was on tour in Ireland, on a cold and snowy day. I was feeling very homesick when I saw a picture on Instagram of a cat I know named Goose. Her fluffy white face was looking up at the camera in a very plaintive way, like a little snowball, and I started singing a little song about her that turned into a song about loneliness. I intended to change the lyrics but could never find a phrase to replace the one I started with. When it came time to make a video, I knew the original Goose had to be in it. Her owners are my friends Rob and Puloma who coincidentally produce and direct videos. One of my cats had recently gone through a long illness and I was thinking about that when I came up with the idea for the video, and I knew Puloma had to star in it, as she has a very lovely and expressive face. The vet in the video is my actual vet and he’s a great guy. It was not easy wrangling Goose but the magic of editing makes it all work!”. "Metal Illness" is available today and Mann set's out on a full U.S. tour starting April 20th at the Lincoln Theater in Washington D.C.

Dead Scouts "Dog Whistle" LP (

Lancaster PA's Dead Scouts have been at it for a few years now. Their garage rock meets melodic punk sound shines bright on their latest effort "Dog Whistle". Things get started quickly as blasts of melodic guitars and pounding drums flow throughout opening numbers "Spaced Out" and Mulligan". Things slow down a bit on "Push Pull" as the band shows off a more hypnotic, lulling side of their sound with welcoming doses of heavily modulated guitars and reverb drenched vocal harmonies. The pace picks back up on the angst ridden attack of "Higher Ground" while the ambient mood of "Shoe Glaze" brings even more diversity to the mix. I also enjoy the catchy feel of tracks like "West Test' and "Just Like You'. "Dog Whistle" shows a tremendous amount of growth for this band. The songwriting, musicianship and production is top notch across the board and you can tell how much fun they are had while making these songs. Highly recommended.

Fox Club "Sylmarine" E.P. (

Fox Club is the solo project of Swedish musician Axel Forsman. His latest release "Sylmarine" explores the world of "Unusual guitar tunings, lots of effects, and unique chord progressions". The shuffling beat and rolling bassline of "Mind And Eyes" has a beautiful, breezy feel that blends elements of indie pop with jazz. It's a rather unique and comforting style that's the perfect soundtrack for a sunny spring day. The uplifting spirit of "Still Feared Natural Wonder (Song Of Letters)" is also sure to draw you in with it's catchy vocal cadence and blissful dynamics while the shimmering atmospherics and wavering tones of "Malaysian Tree" make it another standout track. "Sylmarine" is a very likable record as it's got all the right tools to wow audiences both new and old. After several singles this is the first Fox Club E.P. and it really shows how his songs just keep getting better and better. A remarkable effort from beginning to end.

Goldfrapp "Anymore" Single (

THIS JUST IN!!! GOLDFRAPP ARE BACK!!! Taken from the duo's 7th studio album "Silver Eye", lead single "Anymore" showcases the sizzling flash and flair of the Goldfrapp we know and love. It's pulsating synths and vibrant beat are sure to get you up and moving in no time while Alison's distinctive breathy, soft vocal delivery shines in full effect. A relentless new anthem that never let's up. "Silver Eye" is available today via Mute Records.

Rainmaker "Waning Moods" E.P. (

With a blast of guttural noise, Exeter, UK post punk unit Rainmaker launch into "Men", the first track from their debut E.P. "Waning Moods". The noise quickly gives way to an infectious bass line, uplifting beat and melodic guitar leads. It's got a feel that falls somewhere between The Pixies and The Jam. "Santa Lucia" is almost tropical sounding. It's appealing melody and ambient vocal delivery give it a very positive vibe while the rocking riffs on "Gonzo" play well off of the more intricate, jangling parts. Overall "Waning Moods" shows great balance between melody and chaos. There's a very youthful feel to all of the songs and the band keep that type of intensity throughout the E.P. Looking forward to hearing more from this impressive new band.

Robyn Hitchcock “I Want To Tell You About What I Want” Single (Yep Rock)

At the age of 63 legendary singer/songwriter Robyn Hitchcock will release his 21st studio album this year. "I Want To Tell You About What I Want" the albums first single is an incredibly infectious number that stands tall next to any of Hitchcock's classic songs. When reflecting on the new track Hitchcock stated, "The original title of the song was “My Vision Of World Empathy.” Either we will eventually become extinct and be replaced by cats with articulated thumbs who have evolved the way apes slowly evolved into us, or we will become empathic and mildly telepathic — people like Donald Trump won’t happen because biologically no human will be born with that lack of empathy. We will become a species that isn’t capable of bullying because we can feel what we’re doing to other people. There is obviously some evolutionary step between the human and the angel that needs to take place. Maybe when we have enough suffering credits, our DNA will go, “Right! Here we go! Homo angelicus — it can read your mind, it’s compassionate, it can levitate and it’s a great lover! It shares its fish sticks with you and flies you back in time to see The Velvet Underground!” That is what we need to become." The self titled album will be available April 21st courtesy of Yep Rock.

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