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Friday, July 22, 2016

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Hot Glew "This Side of Wherever" E.P.

Hot Glew return with another E.P. made up of truly unique tracks. Opening piece "Bunker" is a soothing almost tropical number backed by a minimal electronic beat and Brett Keller's laid back vocal style. "Be My Lady" is a soul inspired lo-fi gem that reminds me of a less flamboyant Har Mar Superstar while "Haunted Love Song" would be the perfect track to play during a critical love scene in an 80's teen-angst fueled B-Movie. The jangling drive of "Subjugated" conjures up memories of acts like Dog Bowl and DJ Lebowitz. It's got a charming, quirky feel to it that reeks with universal appeal. Closing number "I Can't Sleep" serves as anthem of sorts and winds things down in fine form as an ominous piano rings out a showering of beautiful, glistening tones. Overall "This Side Of Wherever" creates it's own spirit and own world that is captivating in every sense of the word.

Spearmint Tongues "No One Left" Single (

Loving this track from Spearmint Tongues debut release "Easy Peasy". It's got a cagey, mysterious guitar riff that eventually breaks into a more melodic yet distorted frenzy. The pumping bass line and straight forward percussion keep things rolling along and only add to the cinematic presence of the piece. There's also an orchestral feel to everything but it's very shuttle. The vocals are passionate and show off amazing range as everything flows together brilliantly. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from this promising new project.

The Esskays "Rain Drop Garden" LP (

A very impressive album from Nashville's The Esskays. Lead off track "Psychedelic Love" really brings a power and energy that kick starts everything off well. There's a lot of bite to this track as the drums and guitars seem to take a heavy handed approach to the performance. "Girl, Tell Me What's Your Game?" also has a lot of drive and fire to it but is more of a straight forward British influenced psych pop piece. There's a bit of a Ween feel to "I'm An Alien" while "Oh Jolie" is more folk based and features some excellent harmonica work. The shuffling rhythm of "One Day At A Time (I'm Losing My Mind) has a fun upbeat flavor that follows in the spirit of early T Rex and sits well next to the Magical Mystery Tour style sounds of tracks like "Brahma Kamal! (The Night Flower" and "To Want To Be Loved". "ATM" has more of a modern indie rock feel to it that's perfect for Summer. It's one of those songs that you can dance to that certainly isn't a "dance" song. I'm really impressed by everything that "Rain Drop Garden" has to offer. It's got a throwback sound but with modern elements that balance it out well. A top notch release delivered with prime execution.

The Pixies "Um Chagga Lagga" Single (

The Pixies have one of the most definitive sounds of all time and this new single harnesses that trademark Black Francis snarl and lyrical flair like only he can. The absence of founding member Kim Deal is certainly missed and it will never really be The Pixies without her but "Um Chagga Lagga" is still very much a Pixies song that fans can get behind. I'm happy to see that the band continue to make new music instead of going the nostalgia route that so many other bands of their era have comfortably snuggled up to. Look for the band out on the road for most of 2016. You can pre-order their new album 'Head Carrier' at

Tuval "By The Sea" Single (

19 year old song writer Tuval Schneerson delivers once again with his latest single "By The Sea". His lush vocals set the pace alongside a collection of vibrant guitars and a swinging beat that complements the track perfectly. Tuval has a certain charm to his songs that really invite the listener in and make it a very intimate listening experience and this is another essential piece in his constantly evolving catalogue of remarkable achievements.

Twilight Fields "Will I See You Again?" B/W "I Will Light Your Way, Part 2" (

Breathtakingly beautiful is what I'd use to describe this recent effort from Twilight Fields. "Will I See You Again?" is rich in honesty. Flourishing swells of ambience welcome you in with open arms. It sounds like it was recorded in a cathedral as it's massive reverb filled sounds are truly elegant. "I Will Light Your Way, part 2" is more guitar based and makes great use of the grey tinted riffs that move throughout the piece. It's all very intense, very emotional and very welcoming all at the same time. A stunning release well worth seeking out.

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