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Friday, July 29, 2016

"Five For Friday" with Matthew Potter of Astral Tide

Soundtracking a potentially impending man-made end of the world scenario and the despair and revolt of our time through a doomgaze/punk aesthetic; an ‘Astral Tide’ could be defined as a massive flow of energy soaring through space. The opening line of the new record “Freezing you out in this ice age, colder still on every page” and the following five brutally dark, ethereal songs confirm the tide this group are channelling is desperately bleak and apocalyptic, and it’s heading straight for us. Vocalist/Bassist Matthew Potter shares some of his favorite videos in this weeks edition of "Five For Friday" but first enjoy the E.P.'s first single "Cold Dark" which is available today from all major digital music outlets or as a "name your price" download at

David Bowie - "Where Are We Now"

I moved to Berlin just after this was dropped so it reminds me of then, it was an earworm I seemed to carry around the city with me for a long while. I still can't hear the words "Potsdamer Platz" or "KaDeWe" without the lines playing through my head.

Cardiacs - "To Go Off And Things"

Simply the mother of all music videos.

Deep Fried Divas - "Couldn't Give a Shit"

The solo project of Michael from Droem/And Yet It Moves, the video includes footage of our studio building and the surroundings.

NOFX - "Stickin' in My Eye"

NOFX were my favourite band for many years growing up and Fat Mike helped to inspire me to pick up the bass and sing.

Mr. Tai von Sternenstaub - "1000 Rote Rosen"

Another friend Taishi from Cozmik Onion Express 2.91414/Fat White Family having a go at making a German Schlager tune, with fantastic results.

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