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Friday, December 11, 2015

"Five For Friday" with The Nooks

Orange County California based band The Nooks play vibrant psychedelic garage rock n roll that channels the spirits of The Animals, The Ventures and The Troggs and are made up of lead vocalist/bassist Chase Marhoff, guitarists Kyle Gaffney and Grant Marhoff and drummer Aaron Gonzales. The band share some of their favorite songs in this weeks edition of "Five For Friday" but first listen to their track "Got No Time" available now at

Allah Las - Ela Navega

We really like the bossa nova drums with all of the percussion as well as the strumming pattern and simplicity of the chords. The song has a cool Latin/ jazz inspired feel to it while still having a psych sound. We admire all of the 60s garage psych and Latin influences this band has. The more reverb the better.

The Babe Rainbow - Planet Junior

They use lots of major 7 chords that create a funky sound, and they also use lots of different percussion instruments which give them a cool groovy funk sound which influences us a lot. Pure Australian hippie funk.

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anemone

This one has a really intense mood even though it is super mellow and acoustic. The tambourine is key in keeping the beat going and the calm vocals really give it a relaxed vintage psych feel while not using any guitar effects. Very influental band for many, we hear their sound in a lot of our favorite bands.

Holy Wave - Sol Love

This band sounds like a great combination of a lot of band's styles we like. They use lots of percussion instruments, very dreamy reverbey vocals, lo-fi guitars, and psych sounding organs. They remind us of a cool combination of some of our favorite bands such as White Fence, The Cosmonauts, and Brian Jonestown Massacre. They are very talented.

Jimmy Caravan - Mustang

This song is pure funk and kind of psychedelic sounding at the same time and that is sweet.

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