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Friday, August 28, 2015

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Gypsy Freight "Little Laughs" E.P. (

Hailing from Geneseo, NY Gypsy Freight mastermind Ariel Piazza creates dreamy pop compositions that sound like she's floating on air. There is a true sense of sincerity that flows through the music found on "Little Laughs" and opening track "Getting Out Of My Head" is a prime example. Piazza is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and lay everything on the line. "Getting Out Of Here" is quite vibrant, uplifting and empowering while the soothing tones throughout "This Is Good, This Is Nice" show off the atmospheric side of Piazzas voice alongside the sounds of a simple stripped down acoustic guitar. An excellent group of honest, heartfelt, reverb filled songs by one of my favorite new artists of 2015.

Egyptian Blue "Do You Think You're Worth Your Soul?" Single (

London's Egyptian Blue offer up an intoxicating blend of psychedelic post punk that's full of energy and swagger. From it's grooved out drums and hypnotic bass line to it's cold jangling guitar sound "Do You Think You're Worth Your Soul?" takes you on a sonic journey that brings to mind the likes of The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and The House Of Love. The vocals are both powerful and passionate and draw you in with their commanding brand of intensity, transporting you to a land that's both intriguing and mysterious. Highly recommended.

Holy Wall "Cannon Shade" E.P. (

"Cannon Shade" the latest release from Asheville, North Carolina's Holy Wall is like waking up in a mystical forest full of exotic animals and delicious fruits, while telepathic messages are sent to you through whispering winds. The chorus of voices that ring throughout "Center Hall" are refreshingly pure. Backed by a very organic sounding string bass and pulsating drone this track sounds other worldly. The moving sounds of "Sun Falls" flow with confidence and poise while the opening section of "Gone Far" brings to mind elements of the soundtrack to 2001 A Space Odyssey. The futuristic sounds eventually give way to spectacular contributions from vocalists Indigo Blue DeSouza & Andrew James. "Lions Den" has a more laid back feel with it's accompanying percussion and atmospheric guitars. The darker more primal sounding "Carbon Cut Lung" closes things out in fine form with it's cinematic elegance and rich textured spirit. A breathtaking collection of incredible soundscapes that make for an exquisite listening experience.

Honeyuck "Very Tiny Songs" E.P. (

This lo-fi duo known as Honeyuck make delightful two minutes or less indie pop songs that are catchy, charming and fun. The dainty sounds captured on "School Starts" are like a warm ray of sunshine on an early Sunday morning. The harmonized vocals and vibrant organ tones of "Talentless" make it one of the records stand out tracks, while the dreamy and endearing feel of "Drive Thru" radiates with "Mr. Sandman" like flavor. I'm captivated by the uplifting spirit of "Pretty Happy" as it adds a jovial twist to the mix and the Beach Boys like "Wasted Eyes" caps off the release in grand fashion. "Very Tiny Songs" is a comforting, cheerful record that is sure to capture your heart and have you longing for more.

Jes Kahili "Vibrations" LP (

Jes Kahili follows in the footsteps of classic 60's psych artists like The Godz, Syd Barrett and fellow Canadian's The Collectors. Opening track "In The Sun" is a catchy upbeat number full of hooks and melody. Things get spaced out with the cosmic sounding feel of "I Need Your Love" while the driving blues riffs on "The Experience" and "Drama King" embody the spirit of Hendrix and Cream. Things move in a more folk direction with the warm and colorful feel of "Live In Love" and the textured sounds of "Devine" stir up images of a long desert drive on a road to nowhere. "Lovers til The End" really embraces the sounds of classic Donovan with it's loving lyrics and shuffling beat. Overall "Vibrations" is sure to please listeners looking for a new blast of fine psychedelic flair.

Violetear "Miles Unexplained" E.P. (

There's a dark haunting presence that surrounds "Miles Unexplained" the debut E.P. by Colorado's Violetear. From the opening chords of "Lost Hummingbird" you can feel it setting in and once Robbie Jaramillo's reverb drenched voice fills up the speakers you know your in for something special. The path continues during the blissful sounds of "Fuzz Dream" as all the instrumentation moves as one complete atmospheric wall of sound. "Sartre's Secret Lover" falls into warmer territory as it's melodic keyboard drones offer a sense of comfort while "What The Mountain Sees" glows with a pulsating colorful energy full of ambient tones and shimmering beauty. Closing number "Ocelli" is very soundtrack like and makes this record sound complete. It also features some top notch piano work and is a prime example of Jaramillo's stellar song writing ability. A truly brilliant release indeed.

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