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Friday, June 19, 2015

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Blue Movies "kuroi karasu" Single (

"Kuroi Karasu" the latest single from London based Blue Movies is both beautiful and spellbinding. Following in the spirit of The Doors and "Darkside" era Pink Floyd the song begins with a dreamy guitar piece that sets a delicate mood and is soon joined by a massive vocal that is simply tremendous. Backed by comforting percussion a strong cinematic feel continues throughout leading into a section of spaced out slide guitar that sets sail into atmospheric bliss.

Pretty Parallels "Hungover Hands" (

Headed by Bakersfield California musician Dayvid Rios with contributions from fellow musicians and friends, Pretty Parallels have created a captivating album of atmospheric orchestral like movements. "Born into The Light" makes me think what it would feel like to be weightless in space as the sounds flow off of each other with elegance and grace. "Built Then Burned" features an array of voices and sounds submerged in a wash of vibrant guitars while "Forget Me And I Will Forget Myself" harnesses a vast collection of stimulating ambient fequencies. My favorite of all the tracks "Air Mail My Heart" is a multi-layered guitar composition that stirs up imagery of peace and comfort while "Ghost Bastard Blues" combines a more aggressive guitar sound with a lulling liquid like feel. Overall an impressive debut that's adventurous, intricate and warm.

Ray And The Dead Drum "X-Ray Vision" E.P. (

These garage rock madmen hit one out of the park with this high energy four song E.P. The surf guitar tones, pounding drumming and 60's psych vocals are top notch as the band blaze through these turbo charged barn burners with precision and fury. Think The Pretty Things, Cherry Slush and The Squires. A highly recommended injection of in your face rock n roll.

Sun Blood Stories "Twilight Midnight Morning" LP (

Hailing from Boise Idaho, Sun Blood Stories are a band that is truly unique. Sure their sound can be described as psychedelic but there is so much more to it than that and it all comes through with flying colors on their new album "Twilight Midnight Morning". Opening track "Palace Mountain Mirage" is a hybrid collection of experimental art rock and free form jazz highlighted by some reverse reverb drenched guitar sounds that shiver up your spine. "West The Sun" features some beautiful male/female vocal harmonies and has a vibe that sounds like it came from a lost Alfred Hitchcock Film. "Found Reasons Found Out" takes sound experimentation to new heights as the track begins with hypnotic tones that build into a slow shuffling song full of cryptic sounds that seem to come from everywhere. It also has an "Old West' bit to it that makes it even more exciting. "Witch Wind In Twilight" packs a drive and intensity throughout that I could only describe as Neurosis "Lost" meets Radiohead's "Everything In It's Right Place". It has a menacing groove to it that simply crushes you but carries an angular presence as well. Desolate tones set in as everything builds into the enticingly soulful "Nigh Tremor". With it's trance inducing beat and the powerful vocals of Amber Pollard this track is nothing short of stellar. "Time Like Smoke" has a dark mechanical feel to it almost like stumbling upon a a hidden factory that's been lost some place in time while "Earth Song: Waxing" is more earthy and organic. The band really let loose on "Misery Is Nebulous" as just when you think things can't get any more intense they do. The album closes with the folk/blues sounds of "Moon Song: Waning" which allows you to breath and take in the phenomenal roller coaster ride of mystical sounds you have just experience. A landmark album from an incredible band.

Terra "Couldn't Save This" E.P. (

An impressive release from this Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada based post punk unit that echoes the sounds of Wire, Killing Joke and The Cure. "I Fold" is an upbeat track sure to get an audience moving that features stand out vocals backed by some incredibly intricate guitar work in the vein of Television's Richard Loyd. The eclectic "Couldn't Save This" is more mid tempo with a nice in the pocket feel laid down by the rhythm section and some pleasurable keyboard leads as well, while the aggressive tones of "Forest Lawn" is backed by a fast surf driven guitar riff that falls some place between The Pixies and The Stranglers. "Incurable Condition" showcases the band at it's most melodic with it's infectious hooks that make it fun to sing along to. An excellent collection of well crafted energetic left of center rock n roll.

Walking Over Strings "One Window, One Story..." (

Efraín Alejandro Méndez, a film composer from Caracas, Venezuela has made yet another incredible album as "One Window, One Story" is an amazing collection of epic soundscapes. "The Shadows Of The City" sets the pace as it captures the sounds of rain fall mixed with the mechanical sounds of the daily grind of life. "Those Flickering Lights" features swirling electric pianos and organs underneath the wash of a distorted guitar that's sound is similar to a smokey jazz trumpet. "A Dance With Darkness" is a nice combination of cinematic flair and post apocalyptic metal while "Silhouettes In The Rain" captures what might be the most experimental piece on the album with it's heart beat like rhythm and sheets of atmospheric tones. "Waiting For Sunrise" is a very 80s' sounding track full of vibrant energy that eventually breaks into a section of very eerie guitar tones. "How We Left The City Behind Us" is mid paced with a dark feel that moves in just the right way. The album closes with "Running All Night, Running To The Sun" which is a fast, orchestral metal piece full of crunchy power chords and crushing drums. Overall "One Window...One Story" captures all of Mendez strengths and shows off his ability to paint vast musical portraits of the mysterious elements that are a part of every city.

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