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Friday, March 16, 2018

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Dose "Furniture" Single (A Turntable Friend)

UK experimental noise rock band Dose shine on their latest single "Furniture". Let me first say that the production on this recording is pretty incredible. The guitar sound is off the charts and I love the dynamic they create between the clean, punchy tones and the sea of distorted noise. The vocals carry a haunting vibe that flows along nicely next to the shuffling rhythm. Overall "Furniture" is a mysterious number that draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

Hot Snakes "Why Don't It Sink In?" Single (Sub Pop)

"Why Don't It Sink In?" the lead single from the brand new Hot Snakes album "Jericho Sirens" is a blistering, noise ridden blast of relentless punk. Clocking in at just 78 seconds this track could make up the most exciting 78 seconds of your life. It's one of the ten no frills numbers that make up the groups first album in 14 years and it's honestly one of the most riff blasting, in your face raunchy rock n roll records you will hear all year. I think you will agree that we all need a lot more of this in our lives.

Men I Trust "Show Me How" Single (

Montreal's Men I Trust are an indie dance band who " love smooth sounds, calm melodies and simple rhythms that relax, but make your right foot tap and your chin bounce on the beats." Their latest single "Show Me How" is a prime example of this as it's perfect bass line moves alongside rich, atmospheric guitar chords that set the foundation for Emma's breathtakingly beautiful vocals. It's breezy, dream like mood creates an other worldly feeling that's truly stunning. The band are currently on the road and have upcoming shows all over the U.S., U.K. and Europe including a stop in Norfolk Virginia this coming Monday March 19th at Charlie's American Cafe.

Messthetics “Quantum Path” (Advance Track) (Dischord)

DC instrumental trio The Messthetics are set to release their debut self titled album next week via Dischord Records. The group just happens to feature possibly the greatest rhythm section in underground rock history in former Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty and Bassist Joe Lally. The two are joined by D.C. based experimental guitarist Anthony Pirog. "Quantum Path" is a whirlwind blend of frantic yet controlled math rock mastery that echoes the spirits of Hella, and The Fucking Champs. It's full of menacing power chord based grooves mixed with highly intricate blasts of jazz riffs and delicate sonic nuances. The track certainly takes you on a rollercoaster ride where you really aren't sure what's going to come next. Really looking forward to taking in the full release and seeing this unit live.

Today Junior "Skate Punx" Single (

Boston based rockers Today Junior have been hard at work on their new album "Single Forever" which is set to be released on April 6th. Advance single "Skate Punx" offers up the amazingly catchy and vibrant brand of rock n roll Today Junior have steadily been making a name on over the last few years. It's melodic surf guitar attack, uplifting beat and rolling bass line mesh perfectly with the solid matter of fact style vocal delivery. Bottom line, Today Junior are a really fun band and you are sure to be singing along to "Skate Punx" halfway through your first listen. An excellent track from one of my favorite bands.

Yo La Tengo "For You Too" Single (Matador)

Indie rock vets Yo La Tengo return with a brand new album titled "There's A Riot Going On". Advance track "For You Too" is a dreamy, moody piece full of delicate guitar work that's backed by a subtle yet driving groove. Ira Kaplan’s signature subdued vocals never sounded better as he gives off an undeniably brilliant performance that's as lulling as it is uplifting. It's gentle, subliminal and colorfully hypnotic. "There's A Riot Going" marks the bands 15th full length album and it's available today courtesy of Matador Records.

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