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Friday, December 22, 2017

CMM's 17 Favorite Albums of 2017

1. Sweet Apple "Sing The Night In Sorrow"

The new offering from indie rock super group Sweet Apple is unreal good. All the songwriting is top notch and full of rocking riffs that never let up. I've probably listened to "Summers Gone" and "World I'm Gonna Leave You" a thousand times. What more could you expect from members of Cobra Verde and Dinosaur JR alongside guest appearances from Mark Lanegan and Robert Pollard.

2. The Psychotic Monks "Silence Slowly and Madly Shines"

"Silence Slowly and Madly Shines" is one of the most menacing albums you will hear anywhere. It's dark, mysterious, psychedelic vibe draws you in and never lets you go. This Paris based unit are absolutely crushing and this album is full of non stop mayhem.

3. Washed Out "Mr. Mellow"

Subliminal, hypnotic and totally inspiring. Washed Out literally out did themselves on this release. It's infectious beats and highly textured layers of sound radiate with beauty and the accompanying visuals are nothing short of stellar.

4. Joan Of Arc "He's Got The Whole This Land is Your Land in His Hands"

Always evolving, always innovating Joan Of Arc continue to impress after 20 years of making albums and relentless touring. "This Must Be The Placenta" is nothing short of a modern day anthem. Their show at The Satellite in LA this past February was also one of my favorites of the year.

5. Meatbodies "Alice"

Amazing songs, great vocals and frantic guitar tones fill this album from beginning to end. It's got such a "Cosmic" feel to it that brings to mind the likes of T Rex and Donovan mixed with a slight nod to Mercury Rev and early Flaming Lips. After countless listens this just gets better and better to me and certainly helps stimulate a good mood.

6. Ty Segall "Ty Segall"

One of the most proficient musicians in the game hits a home run here. "Break A Guitar" was pretty much the anthem of 2017 and I see no signs of this guy letting up any time soon.

7. Lee Ranaldo "Electric Trim"

Former Sonic Youth guitarist/vocalist channels his inner Beatles and Beach Boys spirit with this astonishingly beautiful album. It shows off a different side of Ranaldo and you also get the feeling he had an amazing time writing and recording these songs alongside a host of so many other amazing musicians.

8. Animal Youth "Animal"

An incredible blast of post punk bliss. Noise driven guitars and infectious melodies that drive you to dance. Simply put I've got nothing but LOVE for this record.

9. Thurston Moore "Rock N Roll Consciousness"

Thurston Moore delves into stories of his time in New York and draws you into his world of "Rock N Roll Consciousness". His signature guitar tones and lulling vocals have a very comforting feel throughout the album. Theirs a brilliant balance of tension and ambiance that really brings everything together and of coarse the drumming of Moore's longtime Sonic Youth bandmate Steve Shelly is always great to hear.

10. Palehound "A Place I'll Always Go"

Ellen Kempner is an amazing songwriter and her raspy voice and the catchy hooks that fill this album get me every single time. If you have not checkd out Palehound yet do yourself a favor and pick this album up.

11. CITE S/T

OK so this is an E.P. and not a full album but damn it's so good I had to include it on here. There's big, dangerous sounding guitars here and a thriving energy that's abrasive and mean. All the tracks are total barn burners. Can't wait to hear what's next from this Oakland based rock n roll machine.

12. Jesus And Mary Chain "Damage And Joy"

The bands first album in ages and it stands up well next to the bands previous releases. Some of the songs are retakes on tracks that had been released by Sister Vanilla or as lo-key solo tracks. All the trademark JAMC moments are here and I hope this record is the first of many more to come.

13. The Replacements "Replacements For Sale : Live At Maxwells".

What can ya say. One of the best bands of all time blasting through a raging set in as fine of form as four drunken idiots can. The first thing that comes to mind is just how amazing Bob Stinson sounds throughout this record. His playing is truly relentless and gives me chills every time I hear it. Excellent recording quality throughout that captures the raw energy of the performance without taking anything away from the grit. Highlights include classic Mat's standards like "I Will Dare", "Bastards Of Young" and "Takin A Ride" alongside covers of Kiss. T Rex, The Beatles and more. Essential from beginning to end.

14. Boss Hog "Brood X"

A no frills rock n roll record that's packed with bad ass song after bad ass song. There's some real ass shakers on here and tons of sick sounding guitar tones. Can't get enough.

15. Matthew Sweet "Tomorrow Forever"

Matthew Sweet is back with this brand new album "Tomorrow Forever" and it's full of all the key ingredients that make up an amazing Matthew Sweet record. Catchy hooks, melodic guitars and Sweet's signature vocal delivery. So fun to sing along to.

16. Guided By Voices "August By Cake"

Few musicians actually make it to their 5th album much less their 10th but there is a very minuscule group who can say they have made 100 albums. Off the top of my head I can think of maybe James Brown, Hawkwind and Merzbow. "August By Cake" is GBV founder Robert Pollard's 100th album and is also the bands first double album. Packed with amazing anthems like "Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean" and "5° Degrees On The Inside" the album marks the return of longtime guitarist Doug Gillard and first appearance by new acquisition Bobby Bare Jr. both of whom make their presence felt in full effect.

17. Unsane "Sterilize"

Unsane's latest album "Sterilize" counldn't have come at a better time. Chris Spencer's trademark salty snarl and crushing guitar riffs ring out in FULL EAR BLEEDING FASHION while the pin point precision of bassist Dave Curran and drummer Vincent Signorelli show why they are one of the most punishing rhythm sections of all time.

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