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Friday, August 14, 2015

Six Records CMM Wants You To Know

Dairrien Call "Love In Technicolor" LP (

"Love In Technicolor", is the latest album from prolific singer/songwriter Dairrien Call. Still in the early stages of his recording career Call has released over a dozen records and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Opening track "Darling (Here With You) reminds me of Richie Valens "We Belong Together" but with a heavy dose of 90's blazing guitar fury. "Jack & Jill" mixes elements of lo-fi production with catchy hooks that bring to mind GBV, Sebadoh & The Gin Blossoms. It's the type of song that takes you back to the glory days of college radio. "You Know That I Know" is a lush reverb drenched atmospheric piece that's perfect for a lakeside stroll while standout track "Dreamboat" is a beautifully written energetic number full of catchy hooks and melody. It's a fun uplifting song worthy of a full afternoon on repeat. The stripped down sounds of "Bumblebee" mellow everything out with it's slumbering yet passionate approach and album closer "The Golden Age Effect" sends the record off with a comforting mix of acoustic guitar, swirling atmospherics and delicate vocals. Overall this is a wonderful record that really highlights the work of an ambitious musician that lives to express himself and is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Indigo Child "Feel Good Summer Song" Single (

What an excellent debut from London based band Indigo Child. "Feel Good Summer Song" is packed with dreamy vocals and a shuffling rhythm that sets the pace for this contagious rocker. The guitar sounds shift between sharp and clean surf tones to full on blasts of over the top octave fuzz riffs. The hooked filled chorus is the icing on the cake that will have you singing along to this one over and over. This is one of those road trip anthem type of songs that you want to include on all of you're mixes to keep things lively. Can't wait to hear what these guys do next.

Light As A Feather "Here I Stand"/"She Sees In The Dark" (

Los Angeles based indie pop outfit Light As A Feather impress with this debut release which is actually a live studio session recorded for a podcast on called "O Lo Siento". First off, the recordings are incredibly well produced and show off how well the band interacts together. Highlighted by Cecilia Enriquez's incredible voice "Here I Stand" is an exquisite track full of moody guitars, a rolling bass line and swinging drums. It's a very inviting track that comes to you like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. "She Sees In The Dark" is also a delightful listen as it moves with elegance and grace and commands a presence of sophistication. It's driving beat and shimmering guitars are nothing short of stellar. The bands ethereal approach is encouraging and full of hope and sets a solid foundation for what looks to be an incredible future.

SWYM "Clouds" B/W "Icarus" Single (

"Clouds" the debut single from SWYM starts off with a pulsating blast of experimental sounds before launching into a rich atmospheric filled indie pop masterpiece. The lavish vocals sway alongside the effects driven swirls of captivating guitars and keys. The rhythm section is also in fine form as the bass offers up just the right amount of deep bottom end alongside a galloping and intoxicating beat. "Icarus" is more laid back and spacey and draws you in with it's lulling psychedelic appeal. The dual vocals of Darron Fernandes and Anthony Ambrose paint a beautiful picture of lush landscapes and 60's swagger. I simply cannot wait to hear more from this promising alt-psych unit. Highly recommended indeed.

The Dare Ohhs "Goodbye Darling" LP (

The Dare Ohhs are the brainchild of Melbourne musician Etienne Mantelli who's latest album "Goodbye Darling" is a fine collection of laid back psychedelic indie pop that is both refreshing and unique. Led by Mantelli's comforting voice and jangling guitars and the exciting but tight knit drumming of Jack Kong the 12 track album moves with a soothing presence that's truly it's own. The warbling sounds of "Identicality" are highlighted by the subtle touch of psychedelia that flows throughout. The climbing guitars and fun approach of "Right Mind" echoes the spirits of the early days of post punk with it's climbing guitar runs. "New Song" has an underlying element of 60's psychedelic soul that's highly appealing and echoes the likes of The Animals and Tommy James while "Twin" is an uptempo garage rocker that makes for one of the albums top tracks. There's a looseness to it's main riff that's undeniably cool. "I Just Want To Feel That Way Again" also showcases a bit of garage rock flavor that brings to mind The Kingsmen and The Kinks. Overall a brilliant collection of inventive, spellbinding rock n roll at it's best.

The Esskays "Hotel Me" LP (

Nashville's The Esskays deliver big on their debut E.P. "Hotel Me". Opening track "Her Heart" is full of rich melody and charming vocals that are sure to brighten your day. Things get a bit more tropical sounding on "Will You Still Love Me" which I think will appeal to fans of They Might Be Giants and Ween Stand out track "c'est la vie" shows off the bands top notch musicianship and song writing abilities. It's full of incredible dynamics and changes that are sure to have you hooked in no time. "@ Least It's A Beautiful" day has a bit of Magical Mystery Tour era Beatles flair to it that I really enjoy while, "Sister Mary" is more melancholy and dark compared to the rest of the tracks. The additional percussion and somber mood adds a nice variety to the mix as it gives way to the incredible sounds of "In Love" that cements this record as one of my favorite releases of 2015.

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