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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

CMM 40 Favorite Songs Of 2014

So 2014 was a great year full of new music. I decided to do a list of my 40 favorite songs of 2014. These are in no particular order and I've included a short bit on what I like so much about each one and a way to listen to each track to discover the music yourselves. Thanks to all the artists I featured here for making these songs that truly inspire me and here's to a great 2015

1.Camcorder "Push You Away"

Dreamy catchy atmospheric track by this new California band. The guitars sound perfect as they carry the song along with the driving beat and hook layered vocals. I see good things in the future for these guys. More please, more.

2. Supertubos! "The Demeter"

Some of the most stellar guitar tones you will hear anywhere. A surf garage rock n roll masterpiece indeed. These guys have been tearing it up all over Spain and I can only hope they will "Venture" to the U.S. sometime soon.

3. Omega Vague "Beyond The Stars"

Most excellent single from the new album "Reveries". Tons of energy and uplifting power paired with heaven like vocals.One o the best efforts of 2014 indeed.

4. Clustersun "Hipgnosis"

Italian shoegaze, psychedelic unit Clustersun take you on a incredible sonic journey on "Hipgnosis" the latest single off their album "Out Of Your Ego". The spectacularly crafted video only enhances the trip even more. Stellar to say the least.

5. Living Ghost "Shadowplae"

Had the pleasure of playing with Living Ghost in Wichita Kansas this past Spring. Such an amazing artist. Great combination of noise, ambient electronics,and psychedelic sounds. "Shadowplae" is my favorite track from the 2014 release "Jack Napier".

6. Bloodhounds on My Trail "She's In My Plans"

Australian band that embraces the classic shoegaze sounds of Ride, Slowdive and the like. "She's In My Plans" is one of my favorites off their debut E.P. Brilliant guitar textures and washed out vocals. Pure shoegaze bliss.

7. Whale Hum "These Old Songs"

Was so happy when I got to hear the songs that make up Whale Hums "Dream Wake" E.P. which I had the pleasure of releasing on cassette through CMM this year. "These Old Songs" is such a well written and beautiful track. "Guess these old songs have finally found a home."

8. Aura Blaze "A Glass Of Tears Half Empty"

Amazing track that blends all the best of The Charlatans, Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses. So catchy and powerful. Certainly a good track to start your morning when you need that extra push. Can't wait to hear more.

9. Joy Machine "X's"

Peaceful synth generated tones will coat your ears here as Joy Machine offer up a mysterious and intoxicating track from their self titled debut E.P.

10. Sullen Ray "Without You"

Dreamy pop tune from L.A. based band Sullen Ray. I like that this has a bit of a dance feel to it and the vocals sold me on it at first listen. Check out their full length "Blue Mirror" which was one of my favorite albums of the year.

11. Alex Donley "Rusty"

Really happy I found out about Alex's music. Such warm and comforting compositions. "Rusty" draws me in with all the layers of beautiful guitars. The perfect song to accompany a walk on a nice Fall day at sunset.

12. J Mascis "Me Again"

After over 27 years of enjoying Dinosaur Jr records J Mascis voice has become a comforting force in my life much like the feeling I get when I think of Star Wars, mid 80's episodes of N.W.A. Worldwide Wrestling and Mr P's frozen pizza. "Me Again" is my favorite track from J's 2014 solo release "Tied To A Star".

13. Soonar "All Made Of Parts"

Based out of The Netherlands Soonar remind me of a cross between late 90's era Sonic Youth and older D.C. bands like Rain Like The Sound Of Trains and Edsel.It's those off notes that I really love and this song capitalizes on that feel. These guys have an E.P. set for an early 2015 release so look out for that. Meanwhile enjoy this well produced and hilarious video.

14. Neatly Knotted "California Gurls"

Can't say enough great things about this one. Dream like swelling noise behind melodic waves of deeply textured guitar beauty. From their highly recommended release "Katheryn's Fever Dream".

15. Hypefactor "市中心中国" (The New Division Remix)

Beautiful remix of Hypefactors latest single released by CMM. The New Division take this track to even further heights. Looking forward to new out put from both artists in 2015

16. Screen Vinyl Image "I'm Not"

Excellent track from their latest release, a split cassette with Austin's Bloody Knives. "I'm Not" starts with a driving rock n roll beat that leads to the beautiful dual guitar attack & spacey vocals SVI are known for. Dreamy, melodic and essential.

17. High Climbers "Little"

This French/Australian duo are making some of the most enjoyable ambient guitar driven music you will hear anywhere. "Little" is a relaxed, passionate feeling piece that will set the pace for an agreeable mood.

18. Static Daydream "Blue Tambourine Girl"

Paul Baker from Skywave & Ceremony's latest project offers up this barn burner of a track that has all the signature sounds I've come to know and love. Can't wait for the album set to be released in 2015.

19. Archie Eversole "We Ready"

Not a new song but the song my favorite baseball team The Kansas City Royals celebrated to after every victory. Congrats to The Royals on their 2014 American League Championship and World Series run.

20. Ttotals "Hearts Always Start Up"

One of my favorite bands of the last few years released an incredible album this year called "Let Everything Come Through". "Hearts Always Start Up" is a floating hypnotic mind bender sure to feed your hunger for new psychedelic rock n roll.

21. Foreign Resort "Alone"

Love these guys. Had a lot of fun playing shows on the road with this band over the last few years. "Alone" is my favorite track of their latest album "New Frontiers" . Fans of The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen take note. Plus their bass player has great taste in T-Shirts.

22. Melvins "Bride Of Crankenstein"

The Melvins return with a crushing sonic anthem that may be my favorite song of theirs since I first heard "Houdini" way back when. 2015 will mark 30 years of The Melvins and they don't show any signs of slowing down!!!

23. Tom Petty "American Dream Plan B"

Tom Petty is always on semi regular rotation at my house year in and year out but this new one got added to the playlist that's pretty much stayed the same since 1990. Certainly a standout off of his latest record.

24. Kim Deal "Beautiful Moon"

A delicate song that I'm happy I got to enjoy countless times since it's release. Kim's singles of the last few years have been some of my favorites and this one is no exception.

25. Thurston Moore "Speak To The Wild"

I've really enjoyed the latest Thurston Moore album and "Speak To The Wild" might be the moodiest track of the entire record. Beautiful video too.

26. DJ Shadow "Ghost Town"

Incredible sounds from one of the best. Was really excited when I heard this new E.P. was coming out. Truly one of the most inspirational artists out today.

27. We Deserve This "Beta"

We Descerve This make some of the most thought provoking, cinematic music on the planet and "Beta" is the perfect example. This song has a driving menacing feel while being melodic at the same time. Beautiful atmospheric accents only add to it more. Looking forward to more of We Deserve This is 2015.

28 Pain In The Yeas "Hesitation"

Norfolk VA based Pain In The Yeahs deliver big with this infectious dark wave synth pop track. Happy to hear they are hard at work on their next offering. I expect great things from these guys in 2015.

29. Flowers Of Flesh & Blood "Yule Log"

Long running Wichita Kansas based noise artist Flowers Of Flesh And Blood unleashes their own brand of Holiday cheer with this power electronics piece set to the visuals of everyones favorite Holiday image. The Yule Log.

30. Fury Things "Leave Winter Behind"

Excellent combination of 90's shoegaze and Alt-Rock. Chiming helicopter like guitars shine alongside a power rhythm section and on point vocals. The production is ace and this is an amazing showing from a band that's truly on the rise.

31. ATOMBOMB "At The Deep End"

What a huge wall of sound this new shoegaze unit brings to the plate. Powerful vocals and spacey guitar runs make this band one of my new favorites. This is simply crushing.

32. Lee Ranaldo and the Dust "Late Descent #2"

Nice track from Lee Ranaldo and the Dust's "The Last Night On Earth" album. I think what's coolest about this track is how much it makes me think of Donovan. A light dreamy acoustic based gem whith a touch of psychedelia and Lee's all so familiar voice.

33. Nick Raven "Nineteen Fifty Three"

A catchy moody number from Auckland New Zealand's Nick Raven that has a bit of a late 80's New Order vibe to it. Certainly one of the best young song writers going right now and the rest of his new E.P. "Follow Your Bliss" due out in 2015 is sure to please.

34. Yarbs "Tight Rope"

A most excellent blast of punk rock noise from this Charlotte N.C. powerhouse. Distorted vocals, nasty guitars and all wrapped up in 47 seconds. Get into it.

35. The Elsinores "Generation"

I love playing in Kentucky because it usually means I get to see these guys. This track reminds me of Wire, Savage Republic and Boys Don't Cry era Cure. Top Notch indeed.

36. The Bikes "Amana Come On"

Three guys from Boston playing rock n roll inspired by the 90's bands they grew up on. Think Pavement, early Lemonheads, Dinosaur Jr. etc etc. A most excellent up beat number full of fuzzed out guitar and catchy pop hooks.

37. The Exploding Fishbowls "California Smile"

A pure blast of distorted lo-fi garage rock n roll for fans of The Mummies, The Cramps and Link Wray. 38. Soupcans "Crimes Of The Future Part 2"

The dirge like riffs and feedback alongside the rather Birthday Party like vocals make this one for me. Phenomenal video as well. Think Flipper being covered by The Melvins if David Yow came up on stage as guest vocalist.

39. Ceremony "Birds"

Another great song from Ceremony which is now a solo project headed by John Fedowitz. His signature reverb drenched pop hook filled song structure is here in full effect. From this years most excellent E.P. "Birds".

40. Sun Eggs "Dead Dolphins"

On point surf rock n roll out of Olympia Washington. One of my favorite tracks from one of my favorite new bands debut album of the same name.

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