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Friday, November 14, 2014

Five For Friday with Nigel Cartner of Sonic Bandwagon

Nigel is one third of Sonic Bandwagon, a radio show that brings you the best in underground music. The show is based in Greater Manchester and airs for two hours every Friday from 10pm on Pure 107.8 FM. Nigel is a great believer in supporting underground music and his passion for writing and broadcasting within the industry helps support that. Here Nigel presents some of his favorite music for this weeks "Five For Friday" feature.

RUBYS – Good Times

One of the tightest bands I’ve ever seen where the musicianship of each individual pulls together to create something truly magical. The Rubys are an indie rock band and carry an unprecedented amount of chemistry, being one of the most professional and talented bands around in the Manchester and UK music scene. Their debut album ‘Limelight Parasite’ is one of those rare albums to find in the modern era where every song seems to personally connect with the listener, all being of an exceptionally high standard. There has been interest from America with some airplay on local radio stations in Philadelphia so watch this space for a potential future tour. ‘Good Times’ is taken from that album and is a track that should set you up for that Friday feeling!

EXIT CALM – The Rapture

Exit Calm are a band from South Yorkshire that produce intoxicating, psychedelic songs that really force you to delve into a place in your mind you didn’t know existed. The hypnotic lead guitar that meanders through most tracks is simply sublime, moving between dark and edgy riffs to striking emotional melodies. They have two albums out and the most recent, ‘The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be’, was my choice for 2013 album of year. ‘The Rapture’ is the lead track from that and is a track that constantly gets repeated at full blast on my ipod – so captivating and cool with lyrics that are truly mesmerising.

MOHAWK RADIO – Rock N Roll Heaven

Mohawk Radio are a band that have it all going for them – cracking musicians who produce fantastic riffs and melodies, all layered to the unbelievable vocal of Mia Page, the Bermuda born songstress who arrived in Manchester a few years ago. Her vocal is powerful and passionate, and she has the stage presence to match too. They only two EPs released so far, but both possess tracks that can either gear you up for a night of rock n roll onslaught, or conversely switch to poignant ballads that have the ability to wash a wave of emotion over you. The track ‘Rock n Roll Heaven’ is mirrored in its title, a lively guitar orientated track with great rock lyrics, and the bands personal salute to the concept of rock n roll.

JJ ROSA – STEP ASIDE (Live at Deaf Institute)

One of my tips to really make a name for herself, JJ Rosa’s music is unique in its own right. Taking influences from a variety of genres, she effectively fuses funk, hip hop, blues and rock to create a unique cocktail of funkhop rock that’s full of punchy grooves, soulful blues, and sexual swagger. Layering this is her fiery and alluring voice which is befitting of such an intoxicating sound. ‘Step Aside’ is a song featured on the ‘Live at Deaf Institute’ EP. This is bouncy, cool and hip shaking, with odes to Prince and Hendrix dripping throughout every rhythmic beat that create the funk and sparkle. She’s flirted with America for a couple of years, primarily on the East Coast, but she’s back in the UK now and new single, ‘Feel Loved’ is to be released at the end of November.


A lot of excitement about these guys too considering they’ve recently been signed to Sound-Hub records and have come out of the recording studio a matter of days ago. Their debut 4 track EP is tenacious and gripping, being a sound that edges to the slightly heavier side of blues rock. They predominately sit in this genre but what’s brilliant about them is that they have the ability to remain just as gripping and cool as a toned down acoustic driven blues band. It’s difficult to choose which song to play from them but bearing in mind my choices have had a rockier element to them, I’ll mix it up and play a more acoustic driven track with ‘Dog In The Window'.

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